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How do I know this isn't the Re-al Jesus? Because in my paraphrased version of the Message translation of the Bible in Heresiah 3:16 the Apostle James T. Kirk asks the wise of the earth,"Why does God need the Internet?"
Aaaah!!! Makes me feel like I'm in Confirmation class again?? Actually I did not mind Confirmation and I'm certainly glad I had to do it. Definitely helped to keep me from being able to just give myself wholly over to the ways of the world in my rebellion and grounded in the Bible after I became a Christian in the current christian environment in North America. It is definitely a missing part of current Evangelicalism--Better to to let our children blissfully have their fun on the wide road than bore them with doctrine--We can't even make them sit through a Sermon anymore--Gotta let'em have fun in Jr.Church It is just sad (except in may churches it is maybe safer for them to go to the nursery???)
I remember as a new Christian about 20+ years ago reading Brother Lawrence--I thought at that time it was OK and it has on occassion had fruit in my life in reminding of Gods Omnipresence. Thankfully I had some strong Christian influences who turned me toward deeper things such as the Puritans and Sproul and Macarthur and the like. I would need to go back and read Practicing The Presence of God to see what may be beyond the Word of God in it and will read Bob Dewaays article when I get a chance But I always wonder at those who so flippantly call for tolerance and love as though because I tolerate someone or love them that is going to make God let them into Heaven?? Is that not being judgemental as well--Telling God who He has to let into heaven--What Power you people have!! Toleration simply means that I can live and work alongside unbelievers without hating them or wishing them harm. And if I truly love somebody I have to tell them the truth as opportunity presents itself even if I just think they might be involved with something heretical that will draw them away from Jesus Christ and Salvation--Otherwise as Spurgeon pointed out I dont love them anymore than if I stand and watch their house burn down with them in it because it would be unloving to disturb their sleep
Ha--Reminds me of a really hip song I know--May even do a Sermon series on it(after I'm done working thru the Bible of course!!??) We had joy We had fun We had seasons in the sun But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time
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Jun 15, 2010