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Rahel Bailie
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Thank you, Joe, for opening up the discussion. In not such eloquent terms, I've been saying that many discussions about digital strategy, web strategy, [name it here] strategy has actually been content strategy by another name. Because it all comes down to content, what we do with content, and more and more, how we do what we do with content. That you posit that we've been stuck in a loop is both sad and yet so predictable. Just as each generation discovers drinking and sex, so it seems that each new generation of content and/or development and/or project management discovers the things they think make the industry tick. It's never a static loop - there are iterations that move things forward - but it is, nevertheless, loop-like (or, depending on your grammatical preference, loopy). If anyone can drive the discussion to a helpful level of abstraction, it is you and your esteemed counterparts (Ann Rockley, Bob Boiko, and a handful of others come to mind). I, for one, will be watching this space for updates and inspiration.
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Apr 7, 2012