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Randy needs to spice things up this year and get this program more tradition oriented! And he can start with issuing out stickers for their helmets so that the players can have more pride and encourage healthy competition amongst the Boys! It will identify leaders and playmakers along with making everybody responsible on that team for playing their part. I would never if I were on a team want a helmet without a sticker! So i would do whatever it took on that field to be more productive and help make a team successful! we have 5 titles and we need to act like it! I think he has done a great job with recruiting and filling in the holes to keep this program from where it was headed with the last Coach! It would've been horrible had that man stayed! As far as this years recruits I think we did good and next year Miami will have the number 1 recruiting class because the roster will start to move up in terms Of class! A lot of room for 2011 Recruits and the separation gap between juniors and seniors! Its a lot of talent out there for next year far more than what this yr produced and a succesful yr will make it an easier decision for recruits to join a competitive team next yr and contribute early and show what they can bring to the table! And Manny if you could somehow suggest to randy and his staff about implementing Stickers for the helmets, I would greatly appreciate it! And Also the throwback Uniforms with green and gold should be worn more often and we need all black uniforms too with green and orange stripes down the side like the white uniforms, with black helmets with the bird on the side with a similiar stance of the patriots classic logo! Sorry if its too much too ask for but we need an upgrade, after all we have five rings and we are CHAMPIONS too! if other people can brag about only three rings we can brag about 5 and look good doing it! Manny make a Canes fan wish come True, since I know you can do it!
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2010 on Spring Injury Report at Eye on the U
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Feb 18, 2010