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Rajat 85
Mountain View, CA
Ardent Tennis Fan and Analyst
Interests: Tennis
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My top 10: Federer -- well, yes, he has to be the greatest! Martina -- Only marginally second. Marginally. Graf -- well, of course. Laver -- two slams. Borg -- Winning FO + W back to back three straight years when clay and grass were on opposite ends. Seals the deal! Sampras -- my personal favorite. McEnroe -- another personal favorite. Nadal -- well, another personal favorite. Lendl -- how can he NOT be there! Outsiders: Connors, Agassi, Serena, Seles.
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Steve, just a minor quibble in an otherwise fantastic article! Its iPad, not IPad :-)
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2012 on Here and There at Concrete Elbow by Steve Tignor
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I always had a distorted opinion on Serena. I was madly rooting for during AO 2010 final against Henin (when so much was made of the Henin comeback and what not), but was heavily rooting against her (actually, rooting for her opponent) during US '09 semis (Kim), and '11 finals (Stosur). It is an absolute joy to watch her serve like she does, and how she comes back to win matches that are all but gone. I loved how she made mockery of the current world no. 1 for the first set and a half but I hated her when she started uttering those words in the final. I am sort of her fan, but I don't know. Its complicated when it comes to her. But it is true that it will be great once she comes back. The Azarenkas and Sharapovas need to realize the dull competition they are battling against....once again!
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Absolutely. Brilliant. Writing! Loved every sentence of this post! Simply brilliant!
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Throughout the late second set, I was wondering if Azarenka could pull off the Serena -- coming and winning the match from an impossible position. And there was the catch -- she could have pulled off the "Serena" against anyone. But she was playing Serena herself. Brilliant article!
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Somdev defeating Tipsarvic was a bigger upset, actually.
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I want Djokovic to win his second major. I like both Murray and Djokovic, but Djokovic has done his share of work by defeating Federer twice ... its time he wins it this time! Djokovic's personality is great, and he is a joy to watch on court. Thanks, Nina.
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