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Young professional with the crazy urge to do another study...
Interests: travel, running, books, leisure, sunshine, having a drink with friends and talking about memes ;-).
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Mar 15, 2010
In the last few months I have been working hard on my thesis, which will be made available on this blog soon, for my master International Business and Marketing Management at the Tias Nimbas in the Netherlands. My thesis title is: Memes are the driving forces behind Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth. From my literature review i have created these seven steps to outline how an intended viral launched has the most chance to be successful. Extensive perhaps, but complete. 1) The creator of the intended viral knows to whom the message should be send, by doing online research... Continue reading
Posted Sep 6, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
It has been a while since the last post, but I received a lot of feedback regarding "The 10 steps to creating a successful Viral" and I will give this feedback all back to you soon! So stay tuned for this update and new posts to come.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
The Tipping Point is indeed a great book, I read it a few years ago and Malcolm's thoughts were indeed an inspiration for setting up steps 1, 2 and were involved in a sense in step 7 and 8. But than the question remains; how can you ensure that you have something interesting to share? Is it really just being lucky with having an "interesting" topic and besides interesting might not even be enough anymore. It is also about the presentation of the package, all the different layers around it, without diluting the original strength of the message. Are we able in this time to package a message in a way that even a mediocre interesting idea can lift of and be spread by the Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen of Malcolm? For sure brilliant ideas are more easily spread, but how important is it the presentation of the message/idea and are we able to figure out in advance which reactions the message will most likely create and which emotions are triggered. If we know this, than we have a killer mechanism for marketing I believe. Telling the world a few centuries ago that the world was flat could get you killed...hard to spread your message than ;-).
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I don't think it is about forcing anyone to spread your message. What seems most important to me is that you need to do your research as "sender" to find the right people who would be interested in your message, step 1. Especially if you even have received permission from Opinion leaders, than they are willing to listen to what you have to say. Follow certain steps about creativity, get your message right by connecting to the correct emotions and be new. It is hard to get a message go viral, but I believe that if you know to whom you should talk and get your message across the way those people get triggered, you have a good chance to get a match. If you for example would write a tweet about my post or on your blog this would have a tremendous impact as you have a huge following base. However is my post interesting enough to do so? Thats a question only for you to answer. One of the reason I contacted you is all about getting a message viral and to get feedback on my 10 steps to fuel a discussion (based on input from many Opinion leaders and researchers). I think you are a Opinion leader (as Seth Godin to name one), you have shown expertise on the subject (thats why I have bought your WoM book) and to me your opinion is valuable. If my subject line was not interesting enough you would perhaps not have read my email, if the content of the email was not interesting enough you might not have reacted on my post. This topic matches with you as you have spoken a lot about WoM. If I would write an article about knitting (to be obvious), your interested would have been less is my assumption. However by being in contact with you, I get the attention of your new book: WorldWideRave, which is about Viral Marketing, and looking at the videoclip I don't think we disagree on the principle of how to get a message go viral? To know that for a fact I will have to buy your new book, but am I triggered to do so?
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Reading about any literature I could find on WoM and Viral Marketing from now till 50 years ago, from the Six Simple Principles of Viral marketing to the Six Primay Emotions I found many models regarding Viral Marketing were incomplete, nonetheless very good, but incomplete to describe the full process. Perhaps I have missed a great article that sums it up even better? I came up with these 10 steps to have the highest probability of making a succesful Viral and I invite you to comment as explicitly possible on each of the steps or on the total picture. Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
I just read a great post from Brian Solis about Sponsoring on Twitter. Is it clear for people on Twitter when somebody is doing an advertisement tweet or a sponsored tweet or is just really being enthusiastic and willing to share with you his/her thoughts about this great product/service. The discussion leads to the point how to get full disclosure, a topic which remains and becomes more and more important. Openness and honesty are key on the web, it creates credibility. It seems to me we are on a very interesting crossroad, as a community we are discussing now how... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
It becomes clear there are different ways of describing how an idea gets replicated and news gets shared most successfully. Getting your message across is helped by a vehicle (in the sense of people) that knows the right people, many people in different networks and gets the message across in a sense that the message sticks. The way of delivery has an impact on the stickiness; the message should either be repeated enough, have enough impact, be wrapped in the right package or a combination of these. Meanwhile the principles of replication should be maintained; the message should contain an accurate enough image of the original meme, have plenty of copies spreading around and should stick long enough to be spread again..... Continue reading
Posted Jul 24, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
If Bloggers receive money to review, they should mention that they received money to do the review. Would I still value his review if he wrote reviews only for this company? What's in it for me to believe him I would think? He receives an incentive, why should I be unbiased in believing him? Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Ideas that make sense, replicate better than those that do not by the very nature of the human mind. Pretty straight forward, right? One of the most powerful memes in our society in the last centuries is the meme of religion, which deserves to be spoken about in more depth, and as Richard Brodie believes as well is an excellent example of the impact of a meme on people and society. Religions that have explanations for tough questions are much more popular than those that challenge people to think for themselves, such as Zen. Of course, those answers regarding tough... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Today has shown another "functionality" of Twitter (as has happened before I'm sure), as I was looking at tweetdeck and saw a post from kriszensufi drawing attention to Iran. His tweet linked to #iranelection and there was shown an eruption of tweets, literally thousands per minute. Where as Twitter provides, in my view, sometimes an uncoordinated amount of tweets, going every possible direction, there is no true focused power. There are just to many messages coming towards you per second, especially when you are following so many people. One blink outside and you have missed the topic of the day potentially. Following fewer people and you also might have missed the topic of the day. However when all the tweets come together, like a coordinated attack of bees they become lethal instead of "annoying" as the buzz of a mosquito. Twitter has the capability to bring worldnews in a heartbeat (whether the news is biased is another matter), has twitter to the capability to make the voice of one come out as well? Or is the tool of giving a voice to the mass (instead of the established media)? If this is the case, does Twitter have a longer shelf-life than for example WAP? Will it replace part of the media's responsibility?
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Don't you wonder how much the world will change in the next 3 years, 10 years and the unthinkable 20 years? How will the world look like for the next generation, the children who are born now, most of them in India and China. Did you know how many college graduates graduated in 2006? In the US there were 1.3 million, in China 3.3 million, in India 3.1 million. How many of those 3.1 million Indian graduates speak english? An astonishing 100%. Who would have thought that it is predicted that in 10 years the number one English speaking... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Which channel do we use for which purpose? These days we have many available channels to communicate through. I will stick to the online channels to keep it within limits: email, twitter, blogs, corporate websites, social networks as Facebook, Hyves, Hi5, Myspace, business networks as Linkedin, Plaxo, "share-with-a-friend" as to send a clip from youtube to your friends as a must see clip, and more for sure. In the "old" days there was like one rule for communication; any official document (or any document from a company) would go on a physical paper. That’s not even a solid rule anymore.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Cornell Chronicle: Tracking the news cycle. As more and more news appears on the Internet as well as in print, it becomes possible to map the global flow of news by observing it online. Using this strategy, Cornell computer scientists have managed to track and analyze the "news cycle" -- the way stories rise and fall in popularity. The ideal, Kleinberg said, would be to track "memes," or ideas, through cyberspace, but deciding what an article is about is still a major challenge for computing. The researchers sidestepped that obstacle by tracking quotations that appear in news stories, since quotes... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Memes; is it a metaphor for the mechanism of how ideas spread (or don't) or can memetics explain more? The most common and more easily accepted role of the meme is that memetics stand for the process of how ideas are being spread through out the world; does the idea catch on? is it interesting for people to talk about? do the right people talk about it and do they know the right people to spread the meme to larger populations? It is the very mechanism behind Word of Mouth that defines successful WoM. However memetics is also based on... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
A very interesting explanation of the evolving meme, from meme to the internet meme and more examples about what memes actually are. Enjoy Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Memes can and do run your life, probably to a far greater degree than you realize. How can a meme own you? The most straightforward way is through the laws and customs of your society. The price of civilization is compromise. Richard Brodie put it well: without general agreement on millions of ideas, big and small, the incredibly complex society we have built would not work. Our culture and way of life are based on the fact that society agrees on the memes of property ownership, contracts, how to deal with old ladies, what is good and bad behaviour. Economists... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Andy Sernovitz's Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That!: Use Twitter to blow my mind. Andy has got a great story on how Twitter is being read all over the world. From one person in a corporate position at P.F. Chang's reading a twitt from a lady having dinner in a P.F. Chang's restaurant on the other side of the US communicating this to the same very restaurant and.... In the end it results in people talking about this connection, or this trigger as Kelly calls it... This in itself is a meme, the story of how twitter is being... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
The virus-like view; ideas are infectious as we all have felt ourselves, each day, each time we hear something. Some ideas are less infectious and some just keep bothering you. We catch them from other people’s behaviour, from the little bits of culture all around us. That is great if the ideas we catch are good ideas – ones that help us with whatever we are up to in life. The problem is that ideas spread according to how good their memes are, not so much according to how useful they are to our lives or even according to how... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
TED Blog: Dan Dennett on dangerous memes, on Shared via AddThis Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
Seth's Blog: Best new way to make an internal sale. How to get into contact with your consumers; go on the street and talk to them! Your free instant feedback... don't we love word of mouth. Although nobody knows Chrome in this clip, by watching this clip we are the ones who at least do know it now (if we did not already...) Spreading the meme "Chrome"! Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2009 at Memes to be discussed!
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Jul 9, 2009