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Interests: knitting, spinning, reading, writing, photography, nature, ecology, blogging
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Good evening Typepad Rana Continue reading
Posted Aug 3, 2016 at Frogs and Ravens
So, today I realized that it has been ten years since I started blogging, way back when this blog was teal colored and hosted by Blogger. Since then, I have...* Moved five times Acquired a cat Gotten married Switched over... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2013 at Frogs and Ravens
Congratulations! Even with the ups and downs, it's been a good decade, hasn't it?
Today's Facebook status: I have finally decided what my theme for this year (or life stage) is: The Year of Unorganizing. That is, I'm working towards becoming more productive and achieving more of my goals, but without freaking out about... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2013 at Frogs and Ravens
...with a sprinkling of the rich on top. Reading some of the discussions about Social Security and Medicare and other forms of assistance, it occurs to me that we're seeing one of the dangerous side effects of the rhetorical reliance... Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
Having gotten overly involved in a debate at Ask A Manager regarding colleges' and professors' "failure" to prepare students for the corporate world, I'm posting my thoughts here, so I can stop spamming the comment thread there. (It's not just... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
I both agree and disagree with this article. I agree that there's a problem with the current tendency to sub in virtuality for actual experience, especially with the non-human world. (I found my recent trip to the Museum of Science... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 11, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
Happy Earth Day! Today I encourage you to go outside, if you are physically able, and marvel at this splendid world we inhabit. Look around at the people on it, the animals and plants that surround you, the water you... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
Some dots to connect: Attempts to impose restrictions on voters (such as voter ID laws) are on the rise. Redistricting has increased the number of "safe" districts, meaning that more races are uncontested, and more candidates feel safe taking extreme... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
As our friend Cory Doctorow explained yesterday on BoingBoing, “In order to link to a URL on LiveJournal or WordPress or Twitter or Blogspot, we’d have to first confirm that no one had ever made an infringing link, anywhere on... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 18, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
via (Yes, my blog's been quiescent; that is, however, a different state than permanently shut down. More on the legislation in question at the link, above.) Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 17, 2012 at Frogs and Ravens
So, we've moved. And the new place is significantly smaller than the previous ones, and it's time to start weeding out the detritus. My current project is going through old file boxes, tossing junk and preparing other things for scanning... Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
Once again, we are preparing to move. Once again, I'm standing ankle-deep in random crap while turning my possessions into tidy, labeled cubes in neat stacks. (The tidiness of the cubes and the neatness of the stacks is all that... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
Long time no post, I know. (I've decided that one of my Health Month tasks is to write a blog post each week, so hopefully that will change.) Life's been busy in a low-key way, meaning that most of the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
At the tag end of summer Cicadas plummet from the trees Like meteors, flamed out, no longer bright When the shadow of giant fate Looms close, some Buzz and struggle Others hunker passively I lift them up on leaves And... Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
When you give up on hope, you turn away from fear. And when you quit relying on hope, and instead begin to protect the people, things, and places you love, you become very dangerous indeed to those in power. In... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 9, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
In comments, Shaker CassieC writes:I was wondering if there could be a thread for shakers to share what this recession/depression/catastrophe is doing to them and their friends and loved ones. ... I've just been reading people's accounts here and there,... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 3, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
Roughly one in three workers will be unemployed or underemployed in 2011 and there would be little progress on this front in 2012. via The quoted part, above, is buried in among the analysis, but it's the part that... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 2, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
The other day I posted a call for people who have had their accounts suspended by Google for name-related reasons to fill in this form. I’ve received over a hundred responses so far (N=119), so it’s time to start talking... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 28, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
The unemployed are everywhere and they are everyone. They are recent graduates and they are people nearing retirement age, hanging on until Social Security kicks in. They are taxpayers, and they are consumers—they are the people upon which our economy... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 23, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
via What I find particularly chilling about this, personally, is that if I do get pregnant and try to carry it to term, all of these laws functionally spell a death warrant (or at best severe damage to my... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 13, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
Cicadas singing tonight. Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
Scott Kelby's Third Annual | Worldwide Photo Walk This looked cool last year - I'm caching this so it will remind me a year from now to look into it. Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 1, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
You might have heard. Friday night, here in New York State, our state legislature did a remarkable thing. via Go, as they say, read the whole thing. Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 27, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens
I think I do my most powerful writing when I'm coming out a a place of frustration, yearning, loss, and displacement. This is probably why the blog's been quiet - contentment is not conducive to my writing, apparently. Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2011 at Frogs and Ravens