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I kind of agree with Lucian303 (see a couple of posts above) IMHO, while today it's easier to obatain a certain result because most libraries/framework already exist, i think it's still very difficul to do something that does not already exist. The internet is a great tool that allows to share code, experience, etc. but at the same time it makes you compete with the whole world. I think it's a relevant factor that other non-software business do not have, or are affected by a minor degree. Also, making a game nowaday is different than years ago. We now expect to see high-resolution graphics, 3D, sounds effects, etc. This requires lots of people involved in the development of high-end games. No indie developer would be able to deliver Assassins Creed or GTA V alone or with a couple of colleagues. Yes, you can still make Doodle Jump and small games like that and make some money with them, but it's not what Wolf3D/Quake/Doom were at the time. And you can expect someone else to copy your idea in a shorter amount of time due to that "90% of work already done" and bigger competition. These are my opinions of course. I'd be happy to ear people considerations too.
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Oct 19, 2013