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I would hate to be an EPL coach. You don't see players getting fired for sucky performances, what makes coaches like Coyle so dispensable?
It's tough getting old like Freddy. Just like him, I started having more injuries after my 30th birthday too.
Gnarls, it was a woman who sued McDonalds over the coffee. Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants I agree that Charlie made a bad decision and has to bear that burden for a long time. I would note though, that bars who serve people that are already drunk also make bad decisions and the way we compensate their victims is through lawsuits. I like Yusef's comments above. The problem is big, IMO. There are a lot of sinners out there who shouldn't be casting stones at Charlie.
Ives, you wrote "limiting the injury to a dislocation." I would just note that, in many cases, a dislocation has more long term residuals than a break. A break can be set well and heal up nicely, but cartilage and ligaments sometimes never fully heal following a massive injury. Of course, every situation is different, just sayin'.
Ives needs to put a "like" box after these comments. I have nothing to add, just wanted to "like" this because facts are stubborn things and you have summed it up well. more thing, I have ALWAYS been an Eddie Johnson doubter and still believe that he will grow old before he will impress us in the Nats jersey, but his recent form is intriguing. no?
I love Boyd, he's similar to the Charlie Davies type player that we now miss on the team. But there is nothing wrong with Gomez either who, IMO, could play in Europe. He's crafty and sneaks behind defenses very well. But, yeah, wouldn't it be nice if we ran out of room writing because there were just too many players to write about?
You have changed your initial position from writing "built around" to "utilized." There is a difference there and that difference is what I am talking about. Aside from the semantics, my main point is that we need more than a team that is sculpted around a central piece like one individual striker who might get injured. We need a team that takes pressure out of our own end by forcing deep turnovers and a team that transitions the ball effectively into the attacking third. If that helps Jozy score, then great, but it's not to say we are built around him. I think utilizing Altidore is a great idea though, as I am a fan of the young lad.
I have never seen a team successfully make a deep run in Wcup by being built around one striker. I am not saying striker's haven't gotten the credit, I am just saying that the fundamental challenges lie elsewhere and we can't do as you suggest. I love Jozy's field play, but he needs help from an attacking style of play, more dangerous wingers, and more creativity at midfield. If defenders get pulled away to mark other players, then Jozy will look good. (But per latest Youtube vid, Jozy doesn't mind having defenders around)
You are not so crazy as your name would imply. I agree that it's much more about the overall USMNT situation and other external factors than any drop off in form. As Klinsy and Ives have both noted in past statements, the international game doesn't always create as many chances and the U.S. style of play is still basically "bunkerball" even if a new philosophy is beginning to take hold. Just go to your DVR and compare USA v. Mexico at Azteca this year versus this weekend's Tottenham game - even BPL teams playing on the road against favorites can come out flying on attack, while all we do is hunker down against evenly matched or better teams. But the talent pool is deepening and once we get a quality #10 I think things will change and that will help guys like Jozy.
Do you honestly think Freddy is 23?
I could score a few goals on Real Madrid or Barca. What's your point? Freddy was always a good player but never a great player. He enjoyed hype early in his career and has never lived up to it because he was under-reporting his age. Not a hater, just a pragmatist. I wish the old man well.
Agreed, I like having Dolo around, but his experience doesn't translate to kinetic energy on the field (although he did very well with two early crosses at Columbus.) Licaj is getting more playing time with AV and deserves another look.
Good, I hope this means that Beckerman and Torres are on the outside looking in. Don't get me wrong, I like those guys, but they just don't deliver for the Nats. Beckerman makes a million passes that get the team nowhere and Torres just kinda blends in with the grass out there. Go Michael!
At 32 years old, Adu's best years are behind him. He should play in a U40 league or something, where he no doubt could start.
Why not? Bale's chronic injury's? Van Der Vaart absent? I think Spurs have the depth to finish 3rd this year. Look at the problems Chelsea had today keeping things tidy in the back, they are going to have to score a lot of goals if they want to win anything.
He was never a good winger anyway. While you're right he doesn't have pace, he's not exactly a fat boy. He did have two break-away goals late in the season as well, because what he lacks in pace he makes up for with experience and timing. I think he will have 12 goals this year if they play him enough at Spurs. Odds anyone?
Plus he can hang with his old team mate Dembele (not that I know if they got along or not, but on the surface it seems like it will help transition)
I knew there was something going on behind the scenes. Deuce did well to keep quiet while this was being worked out. Now I have to buy new kits for my boys, still waiting on Clint's # as I think 23 is taken. What about 8?
Place your order today. Of course, what number will he be?
"The reaction of Liverpool fans on Twitter to Dempsey perhaps going to Tottenham has been very angry. They now see the prospect of not bringing in anybody today. Why have they not got anybody? They've let Andy Carroll go, Charlie Adam's gone, they've got money in the bank. Yet no-one seems to be coming." Phil McNulty, BBC
You are just applying old stereotypes of Brazil's glory days into the modern context. Apart from Hulk's backheel pass, I saw little or no Jogo Bonito yesterday. They simply had bigger and faster horses in the race and that's why they won. There were at least 5 situations where this was blatantly obvious to even the casual obeserver. Whether it was their pressing up in the attacking third, charging out of their own end, or body checking Donovan and Boca off the ball, they were beasts and that is why they won. The only real skill was shown in the final third with Pato's clinical finish. Otherwise, they just out hustled and out muscled us.
Boca getting muscled off that ball was just one of many examples of the difference in athleticism for the two teams. I wouldn't read too much into it. As Donovan said the last time these two teams faced "we're the best soccer players in the U.S., but they are the best athletes in Brazil". The sheer size of the Brazilians was amazing and those same body types would be channeled into basketball or football if they grew up here in the U.S.. Donovan bounced off of Marcelo like a gnat hitting a truck windshield. And Neymar is just way fast.
I was formerly a Herc "hopeful" type, who didn't believe he could deliver for the Nats on a consistent basis. I now think he's consistently dangerous and his rise will only elevate the game of Altidore, who will either be paired with him or compete with him for a spot up top. Herc plays a refreshingly simple game, a lot like Dempsey, actually. He just has a nose for the goal.
At 32 years old, Adu is likely going to be "over the hill" by the next World Cup, so he's not really for consideration here. Lichaj is the biggest suprise to me.