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OC Dolphin
Mission Viejo, California
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You're getting sloppy, Cote. "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY...MO-NEY!" (The O' Jays, 1973) You did get the year right, though.
Anti, that's a funny youtube clip. It's as if someone hit a hornets nest. How many poured out of that thing?
Oh I get the cultural inner city stuff, that's just the Vaseline that gave it access. But you still haven't answered my hypothetical. More, less, same amount.
...and yes, there is more to football and baseball than skills in jumping and speed, but even more "other skills" in baseball, which was my point. The more "other" skills required in any given sport, the less significant black domination comes into play. Conversely, the more either of those two skills are relied upon to be difference makers, the more you begin to see a disparity. One only has to consult the sport of Track and Field and note the last time a white, Latino, Asian dude held tittle to the world's fastest human.
Okay, tell me this. If in the game of basketball, one was prevented from jumping - completely. Would you say that the black participation number would be higher, lower or the same?
It may be an oversimplification, granted. But there is no denying that blacks are physically better equipped to succeed in contests showcasing speed, and jumping. Why this should even be questioned baffles the mind.
Blacks outnumber every other race in both the NBA and in the NFL. That is fact. Do tell why that is not the case in MLB. ... And the Lakers sucking doesn't even enter any argument.
Greg, Your implication that MLB is somehow being run by a secret club comprised of Bubba's good-ole-boys may be the most outrageous position you've ever taken. Tell us. Is the fact that there aren't any white midgets (excuse me, vertically challenged Caucasians) playing in the NBA, while 78% are black translate to clear, blatant reverse discrimination? Or is it that white little-dude can't jump? What you should have acknowledged is that the sport of baseball is perhaps the most representative sport in these United States. That our population is 63% white, 13% black, 17% latino 7% other, to baseball's 63% white, 8% black, 27% latino, 2% other. These realities have zero to do with "inequality," my dear columnist. Unlike in the NBA, or the NFL, where black athletes outnumber all others, baseball requires other skills beyond just running fast and jumping high. Maybe you should point out the disparity in participation among black jockeys, or the War on Women prize fighter next. Geeze, buddy!
Tom, can't say i'm in agreement regarding any takes concerning Manziel. I believe I've said absolutely nothing about Jonny Football. It goes without saying that most of us born during the 50s see the obvious Fran Tarkenton, Pat Haden, Doug Flutie type slippery MOFO similarities. Having said that, we are in 2014. Dudes who are 6-oh and only -200 are destined to get pummeled at that position. we all see his moxie, but seriously, one or two nasty pops and he would wish indeed that he would have been born 70 years earlier.
The only way Lewan reaches #19 is if every owner prior to the Dolphins temporarily hires Jeff Ireland to orchestrate their picks and end up with a decent guy that does brake jobs, a roofer, three performers from Cirque du Soleil and a sushi chef that makes a mean Irish roll.
I do hope I'm wrong, cause if those three QBs get picked early on, it would mean arithmeticly, three more chances that someone like a Mosley or Eifert will be there at #19.
FZB, not only have you lost your Dolphins fan card, you are now from henceforth FZb. Be mindfully that I don't lower you down another lowercase consonant.
I think that the prevailing thought among NFL GMs may be that there are no QBs in this year's draft worthy of being picked in the top 10. This is worthy of note, in so much that the six teams interested in drafting a QB all have under 10 picks, but for the Titans who sit at #11. If indeed those six teams wait for their second pick to draft a QB (which I think they should), then there are going to be opportunities for teams like Miami to trade OUT of the first round. The team that will be applying the heat will be the Cleveland Browns. They have two first rounders (4, 26), and would most likely pick a QB at #26. The team has but Hoyer, and he is coming off injury. So what do teams looking for a second pick at QB; teams like: Texans (Fitzpatrick), Jaguars (Henne), and to a less critical, but still interested Raiders (Schaub), Vikings (Ponder), and Titans (Locker) in trying to jump in front of that sure #26 Browns pick do? They will seek training partners that's what. Teams like the #19 Dolphins, 20 Cards, 21 Packers, 22 Eagles, 23 Chiefs, 24 Bengals and 25 Chargers will all be shopping around their picks. The team willing to take the least in return will most likely consummate that trade. Cleveland will almost assuredly settle with the # 2 QB off the board (probably Manziel), after one of those other teams (probably Jacksonville) takes Bridgewater. If that happens, look for yet another team to leapfrog over another to get Bortles.
Here's the thing, BB. What jumps out at me is not the many great catches Hartline makes. To quote Star Wars' Watto - " the kid is good, eh." No, what one should notice is that during most of those highlight minutes, the Dolphins were desperately trailing in the game. If Miami develops a defense as prodigious as #82's ability they would be closer to those 14-2 teams, as opposed to the perennial 8-8 mark they keep matching. They don't need all that much fire-power on offense. What they've got should be enough. What they need (aside from shoring up the ROT, and G) is for a rock- em- sock- em defense.
Jumbo, if in fact you're going to be operating in Bastrop, finding residence west of I-35 makes no sense. Best find something east of it. I can't really contribute by-way-of intel, as that region has few reasons/attractions to warrant interest...I suppose that's why those kinds of facilities get built there, in the first place. Anyway, feel free to post if you've got 1/2 hr here or there, the Starbucks offer is always open.g
Harleyray, Film director, Ivan Reitman, I thought, did a really good job showcasing the NFL. Particularly, the various stadiums which were part of the story. Those flyover establishing shots were picture- postcard. It's no wonder why Roger Goodell seemed to extend so much access into the league. Anyone who watches the film will surely come away with a strong sense that the world of football is one economically healthy place. p.s., it is a movie, so one does have to suspend some plausability over some of those trades.
Guys, just saw the movie Draft Day. Liked it. There's something about Kevin Costner doing sports that just fits. For all of us draft junkies, a "must see."