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OC Dolphin
Austin, Texas
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Anyone else feel certain that Vladimir Putin has one of these in his office, and which he likes to tap on top of the head whenever he feels like it?
Nah, he's not Dashi. Dashi communicates Using short Bursts of copy. But casting all but three on here Michael Sams is Not cool.
I meant that literally, BB.!Godzilla.jpg
I know I'm just fantasizing the ridiculous, but I must confess in taking pleasure imagining the Dolphins taking the field come September 7, with Godzilla playing on our side...watching him step and crush five of NE's starters, as he jets a fiery blast into a quickly scorched Belichick sort of puts a smile on my face.
So, BB, just to get this're saying that Kevin Love will end up playing in Boston, not Cleveland, and that the Lakers will not be much improved over last year. Is that right?
shadow, since you asked for the decoder ring, here it is: 1. Which number should come next in this series? 25,24,22,19,15 0 numbers between 25 & 24, followed by 1 between 24 & 22, 2 between 22 & 19...3, 4. C. 10 2. What is the missing letter? E C O B A B G B N D B ? Convert the letters to their # placement in the alphabet and multiply the firsts column X the second. D (4) x B (2) = 8 (H) 3. At the end of a banquet 10 people shake hands with each other. How many handshakes will there be in total? Ten people shaking everyone's hand means: #10 shakes with 9 different people, #9 with 8 different people, #8 with 7... Total = 45, answer C. 4. Just have to follow the bouncing day. Friday, answer E. 5. #17 is the only odd number. It doesn't belong.
The Lakers are going to surprise a lot of people. Scott is the perfect hire for the team. He brings with him Laker tradition, a nose for defense and a working, respectful, relationship with Kobe. If Bryant manages to stay healthy, ill go as far as saying that they make the playoffs.
Shadow, IQ tests, like so many other tests that try to "characterize intelligence, oftentimes prove to be poor indicators of what they attempt to measure. The scope of intelligence is wide and takes into account not just these Mensa type tests, but also, social, creative, communicative,and intuitive wisdom areas, to name but a few, of other aspects that go towards a more complete human.
115 to 129 - Above average; bright 130 to 144 - Moderately gifted 145 to 159 - Highly gifted 160 to 179 - Exceptionally gifted 180 and up - Profoundly gifted The average population registers between 70 and 115, below 70 is considered "dull."
Here are five typical questions that show up on IQ tests. Even with unlimited time (which you are not given) I doubt many here will answer five out of five correctly. 1. Which number should come next in this series? 25,24,22,19,15 A. 4 B. 5 C. 10 D. 14 2. What is the missing letter? E C O B A B G B N D B ? 3. At the end of a banquet 10 people shake hands with each other. How many handshakes will there be in total? A. 100 B. 20 C. 45 D. 50 E. 90 4. The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What day is it today? A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Thursday E. Friday 5. Which number does not belong? 4 32 144 17 28 122 18 64 188 322 14 202
Greg, In my opinion, what Tony Dungy clumsily failed to describe was not so much that drafting Michael Sam would create a team distraction, but that in drafting him seven players from the bottom of the whole group would bring in the kind of distraction that is not worthwhile to own when the player is not a game changer (talent). Let me put it to you this way. If (back in the day) you were dating one gorgeous, hot babe that was hell-on-wheels in the sack, but that was also, a REAL pain in the %##, I dare say that you (like most of us males) you would put up with it. However, if instead you were dating someone like Roseanne Barr, I'd dare say that you would walk away and not take on all that baggage. It's a value issue.
Woodcock, Looks like your Giants and hated Dodgers are going to be in a race for the Division all season long. Boy, it must be brutal seeing a fellow cubiche single handedly destroy your team last night with THREE triples.
FZ, you're allowing yourself to be oversimplified by what transpired after 14-15 days. Have you stopped to consider the cumulative effects of what happens to a team, more to the point, an offensive line after experiencing the offensive line debacle which culminated in everyone pretty much flushing the season down the toilet? If you wish to lay blame do not take the easy way out in blaming Joe Philbin, cite your boy Ireland who built a line who went at each other like a handful of rats on a raft. Flash: they lost those last games, not due any inability of Philbin rallying the troops, but because the team realized that they had NO LINE and were incapable of winning any significant games going forward. They quit. Pure and simple. Vince Lombardy himself would have been ill equipped to have altered that course, Blame if you must, but blame Ireland, not Philbin. Now, if Joe Philbin delivers a sub .500 season going forward, then we can all start to question.
You're right. How could it possibly be worse? What I'm suggesting is that given an all new line, one that has nothing demonstrated that they will be capable, any normal person has to go into it with some degree towards a lack of confidence. There is no way Tannehill starts the season at top form.
Pouncey will be out half the year. Tannehill can't be all that comfortable going in with five new LM lining up to protect him. He just lost arguably, the teams most talented offensive player and line leader.