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OC Dolphin
Austin, Texas
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My last post on here. A fitting one I think: 🎵 Once there was a way, to get back homeward. Once there was a way, to get back home...🎵...and in the end. The love you take, is equal to the love you make🎵 Bye, y'all.
9-7 and playoffs and everyone keeps their jobs. Anything else and they'll see pink slips. The record will decide.
I don't remember which opposing coach I hear this from, but it's worth keeping an eye on. He was saying that if you give Tannehill protection and time he will pick you apart. However, if you pressure him he falls below average in accuracy.
Thank you, Greg Cote. You've allowed for a very friendly and engaging place to hang out and I will miss it and the great community that I would describe as friends. Best of luck to you and also to all the great characters that have been on here through the years. ps. Anyone wishing to leave a note can do so at my
Bobbyd12, You may be addressing a small group that carries on, but generally is effectively policed here. The majority of posts we've observed on here posted by a fictitious name is generally done to creatively drive the point of the post, e.g., "my hairstyle shows off my progressive hairline" Nancy Pelosi. There are some who like to viciously attack, but not the norm. If one were concerned enough, they could always register using Typepad or Twitter, as my blue name authenticates. Nah, like most everything in life, this had zero to do with the concerns or affronts to posters and everything to do with money. No doubt the Herald will be paid handsomely for more targeted sales pitches to its blog participants.
Bobbyd12, Having been associated with PR for over 12 years, I understand boycotts, what they accomplish and their limitations. To me it's old school. It's a matter of principle. One of the few stimulating and creative forums that I've used for years is changing and while there is nothing I can do to prevent these changes, I don't have to be happy about it, or adapt to continue. I suspect the changes are being done in response to the Typepad hijacking that was occurring to Greg's blog earlier, a few months ago. I get it, but I suspect this may be one of the last OC Dolphin posts you'll see. Hasta la vista, baby.
Not afraid of tech, Bobbyd12, I just would not lift a finger if it meant any association with that arrogant MZ prick.
If they limit it only to Facebook then I have a problem. I've been registered and posting using Typepad just about from day one. Nothing would change for me. Shadow, your name appears in blue, I suspect you would be able to log in as usual.
Last year I had Buffalo beating us twice. This game, and thanks to a great win over the Patriots, I thought we had a fighting chance, but Buffalo still has a better OL. And once Moreno left the game, we were toast. FZ, it's not the coaching. Buffalo just presents a march up problem. Look, you could walk into any golf course in the nation with Butch Harmon at your side and try to play any 15 or better handicap player holding a cardboard cutout of Harvey Penick and you would still get your putter handed to you ten out of ten times. No matter how effectively Butch manages to amp you up.
The only positive comment to take from this game is that though Miamj lost and Buffalo won, tomorrow Buffaloans will wake up and still live in Buffalo.
I can't believe they didn't challenge that. You can't throw the ball at the pylon and have it count
Griffith the 3rd is made out of paper mâché. I like the guy, but man! Best not touch the guy.
Moreno, though a really good runner, didn't last more than one game. Lazor better figure something out.
Not to belabor the point, FZ, it's not about motivation from the coach, it's about having enough healthy bodies to stop Buffalo's runners from penetrating into what will be second and third-string LBs. Without Starks at 100%, that's what the Dolphins will see. Our offensive line also does not need motivation from its coach or head coach, FZ, they need talent and capability against a set of sack artists who everyone recognizes is one of the best set of players who consistently apply pressure to the QB.