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Glen Raphael
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I vaguely remembered the UserFriendly strips that guy mentioned so I tracked them down - it was September of 2002! This search should find the texts; click the "comments" links to see the actual strips: And no, that Wil didn't have the beard. :-)
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Feel free to include a cover of this while you're at it - it'd fit right in:
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Speaking of the imaginary Statue of Liberty, I did in fact manage to work the faces of Mt. Rushmore into my song about Ms. Liberty's midlife crisis, which is turning out awesome, thank you muchly. There will be a "with thanks to Wil Wheaton" credit on the album liner notes if it ever ends up being sold in a physical medium. (Some bands still make "liner notes", right? Just checking...)
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Nice! The other faces are jealous, though. They're all, "Is he still talking about that skank?" or telling her "Honey, you should try a *real* man. Do you know what he says about you when you're not around?" I bet it's Roosevelt she likes. You know she totally digs that Tom Selleck 'stache.
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