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Edward Rapka
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I agree, at one time Los Angeles had a world-class transportation infrastructure -- the Red Car system was the technological marvel of its day. I recently saw a documentary on the rise (and unfortunate fall) of Pacific Electric and the Red Cars, called "Los Angeles, The Early Days" and it was both eye-opening and poignantly nostalgic. The writer-director made especially good use of a then-and-now motif of showing a series of old photos of the human-scale transportation system, and then seamlessly matching each one to how things look today, blotted with freeways and cars. It also showed how the city fathers bulldozed the many hills (and communities) of downtown L.A. in the name of civic development. You can see a movie trailer at and relive a bit of history. It even has an old-time wax cylinder musical score! Oh, for the good old days...!
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Dec 9, 2009