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Posted by: mi@mic@ne | September 14, 2014 at 11:52 AM That Swag......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Love It
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Haters Get Their Agenda Pushed Back at Canespace
and is it Bootlickers as you call them? They don't come out until the game is over....Never anything during the game...I said it before Im saying it again the only people who can defend Golden - GoCanes No'Dfrio - 30 Lurker - Head Cheerleader? Idk They must be coaches....Final Answer.. And it supports why one of those people is a basketball player and believes a TE is a good defensive caller although he is a lifetime TE. Let That Marinate.....sign me up to let DeLeon Farr coach our Defense it makes sense right? lol,....while you at it can we get Maurice Sikes to call our Offense? lol RCCF....I must be a hater too? No More L's CANES Good Game!!
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Haters Get Their Agenda Pushed Back at Canespace
Soup are you confused? 1. WWIN/M is one of my guys we are not haters as a matter of fact you were down with us for game 1 so if his principals were good enough for you then....what happened? 2. GoCanes, 30, and Lurker must be someone important because as much as SOUP is cool he NEVER lets off on 12% like he does for these dudes. 3. Don't know but seems as well Haters are people who think they team they love is gonna lose 4 games U R the REAL HATER!!!!! 4. 12% means - CANES should never lose, we don't expect, predict or look to Lose and if you not a CANES fan like that then U are the Hater... RCCF....Stop Call'n My Guys Haters U Obviously Don't Know the Definition!!
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Haters Get Their Agenda Pushed Back at Canespace
Yea the Inventor of the 12% is a sound really bright smh!!
Terrance Sullivan do you consider beating FAMU and ArkSt. Taking Care of Business? or Doing What You Are Supposed to Do? Big Difference....That is where all of you are missing it...Nobody is being haters there are just CANES fans that NEVER expect to lose and know that is the way this team was built...Either Remember that Attitude that got us there or be Happy With Mediocrity.... and some of you are over Elated..
Kaaya coming back in the game lets you know that we don't trust our Defense....Plain and Simple..
BYE FELICIA.......oh Coley is now off the hook.. Way2Go CANES..
Da Bus Called GUS!!!! Oh YEA!!
Way2Go Kirby!!!!
Cmon 86 not my Bus Riders... Those Dudes Are Positive They Just Don't Like Shenanigans....
s/o to everyone saying blame James Coley.. He changed his game plan and Kayaa is showing out.... D'No has had how many years to do the same foh he is a BUM and anyone that supports his shenanigans is NOT a CANES fan I Said It...
Felicia Lookn Good!!!!! I Told Ya....I Told Ya the Boy Would Be Ready!!!! oh and BYE FELICIA...
s/o GoCanes 3-4 see how easily they scored? but when they did play the 4-3 from the beginning the surge was minimal...DNo is HORRIBLE
someone tell Mr. 3-4 the team using it is LOSING smh... I swear some bloggers do themselves NO Justice.. its ok to like the 3-4 but it is NOT Ok for you to support a system that is Obviously Flawed then get mad because EVERYONE sees it but U... Miami is too athletic to rely on a 3-4 defense it exposes too much and it forces our players to over compensate for a down defender who should be in position as opposed to chasing slot receivers.. I remember you saying you are a Basketball player let me speak your language...if you are getting Torched in a 1-2-2 defense by a team with sufficient passers do you continue running the 1-2-2 or do you switch to a 3-2 to cover your top and prevent the passing lanes? All We Ask is That U Make Sense!! RCCF
I HATE to watch teams that beat us Lose to people who will keep us out of rankings....Just proves we lose to mediocre teams and we shouldn't....PLEASE tell me Virginia has better defensive athletes than daU......PLEASE tell me ECU is more athletic than daU... beat this to death...if these coaches don't step it up they DESERVE to Be Fired!!!! RCCF
ECU and UVA are flying around.... Swea I Hope We Look Like That on Defense Today!!!! RCCF..FlyAround Not That I Am With the Banner Committee But I Must Say... Mr. Banner Makes Some Good Points... 1-22 vs teams that lose less than 5 games a win was against Navy as Temple's coach? Is This the Man the U Needs? Are Recruits Not More Ashamed of daU for Losing Big back to back as opposed a flying Banner? IJS RCCF...I don't care if Al stays but his buddy MUST Go!!
way2go theDude... RCCF
from yet another poster not me: The police cleared him of wrong doing in the case, but the roommate got a lawyer and requested to go in front of the student code of conduct board and pressured for punishment (minimum punishment is a 1 semester suspension). RCCF
from someone else's perspective: From what I understand the fight was between AQM and his roommate. The roommate was upset that AQM's child and family were visiting without the roommate getting any notice ahead of time. As the argument escalated AQM's kid got knocked over or bumped into by the roommate and AQM lost it. Don't have any kids myself but if this is the case I don't know many parents who wouldn't react the same way when their child is involved. If AQM is suspended for this then the agenda is REAL.. RCCF
1. Is Anyone Else Watching ESPN All Access Ark. St.? 2. Is There an ESPN All Access Miami? They are a spirited team. I don't see us losing but they won't be a push over game at all.. And my feelings are only swayed because I know our coaches love to go away from what is successful to reintroduce what killed us. AND we haven't done well against mobile QB's so hopefully we aren't going 3 front all game.. RCCF
Yea Me Too.....Hope is a mofo!! RCCF
I disagree.... I will say I think the Defense finishes Waaaaay Better than last year but the Offense is a game away from being a big deal... They have Training Wheel Syndrome... Either you Trust the kid or you don't and if you then take your hand off his back and let him ride the Bike.. Bottomline..I don't see us getting better by playing either old guy so its either Rosier or Kaaya from here on out.. RCCF