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are there any developed countries with large immigrant/minority populations that do not consciously place the affordable accommodations most likely to house them in locations far removed from the most desirable locations? In the UK and France, people desire the center of the city and thus affordable housing is located, generally, at the periphery of such cities. Having personally supplied the 'diversity' at many mostly white educational institutions, I come to expect people who laud diversity in theory to find creative ways to avoid it in practice and I cannot fault them for doing so, especially in the short-term, as they rationally refuse the role of guinea pig.
excellent. about time someone gave him the proper props. The feminists who laud him are not too different from the general public in this regard--they love the avowed reformed, penitent and contrite. Even Tucker Max, if he turned to writing the same drivel, would quickly become Schwyzer 2.0--you just need a track record of 100% immoral alpha conquest.
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Jul 23, 2010