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Okay, MM, I'm about to head out but . . . you're saying the National Constructors Association is likely a typo -- right? I did find an outfit with that name: But all of the info was dated. It appeared to me they morphed into some other association, perhaps. That's what I wanted to clarify with JiB.
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A high of 80 degrees today; a low of 61. And the pollen has *really* begun to coat the cars here in Tallahassee.
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Where was that school resource officer, one wonders. Posted by: narcis o | February 17, 2018 at 10:57 AM I have a feeling the officer did not address the threat. Perhaps the officer *couldn't* address this threat. Perhaps. With all of the bashing of the FBI, however, I am much more zeroed in on the school, the school district, and the Broward Sheriffs Office. There's a very telling story here, guaranteed.
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And it will attract the world players like Alstom, Odebrecht, Skanska, Technip, Saipem, China State Construction and Chiyoda especially if it goes Public Private Partnerships and private financing. Let the good times roll:) Posted by: Jack is Back! | February 15, 2018 at 01:41 PM JiB, I'm trying to think through an anticipatory book proposal that revolves around my OODA Loop President column. You made the right point in your above comment; in my column, I assert INFRASTRUCTURE is the political kill shot Trump will gut the Democrats with. However . . . the National Constructors Association ??? That has given me some trouble this morning. I don't know if I'm having a brain cramp or what but . . . did they change their name recently? I can't find much on them, and what I do find is dated. Can you (or anyone else here) help fill in some information, please?
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Apparently, Judge Nap -- him no hear Rosenstein. Him nappin' too much.
25 Countries With The Highest Murder Rates In The World The U.S. is not in the top 25; Caribbean, South America and Africa dominate the Top 25.— wretchardthecat (@wretchardthecat) February 16, 2018 Those currently shrieking about guns and murder in the United States might have a serious problem spinning this factoid.
Because the gun moaners, if you probe deeply enough, believe that when a shooting spree occurs, the FIRST action to be taken is to make guns illegal for law abiding citizens who have no gun related crimes on their record. That, and to condemn innocent gun owners for having the audacity of wanting to own a gun in the first place. Posted by: JimNorCal | February 16, 2018 at 12:03 PM Jim, perhaps you could comment on the orgiastic focus on these shootings incentivizing copiers in the culture at a time when deaths from are at about a 50-year low *and* of these gun deaths, upwards of 60 percent are suicides. Facts they don't want you to know because they prefer the mass hypnosis of network television. The kid was almost certainly off and on psychatric medications. The pharmaceutical industry has got in bed with the Democrats; the preferred narrative keeps us from asking some very hard questions of our mental health advocates *and* of the pharmaceutical industry, too.
What is sad is that while a lot of people apparently thought he was potentially dangerous, no one did anything. Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | February 14, 2018 at 09:58 PM Tough, tough day. But what could anyone do, MM? I have a nephew who is paranoid schizophrenic. He's 37 and has never truly worked an adult job. He's indigent, and completely dependent on his mother. One day he scared the hell out of my Georgia Peach years ago with odd behavior and you know I couldn't have that. So, I had to drive over and confront him. A two hour conversation in his living room ensued. There I was, trying to reason through the voices he was hearing and the signals he is certain he's getting from various television shows, etc. All the while, he's circling through from his kitchen to the living room in a constant loop. Motion, motion, motion. I'm convinced he was trying to work up the nerve to get a knife and charge me; so I'm planning how I'm going to either subdue him or kill him. Luckily, he never did get to the point of charging me (proving his manhood has been a constant sub-issue). Eventually I calmed him down and convinced him that night to Baker Act himself (voluntary commitment in Florida). A period of up to 72 hours of evaluation in your county is then supposed to occur. The suburban hospital we were in, Orange Park Medical Center, pulled something of a bait-and-switch. Immediately after he signed the necessary Baker Act paperwork, they put him in an ambulance and transported him to Northwest Jacksonville (the "black" side of town) as I gave chase -- horrified at what was transpiring right before me. All because of me. As I watched him disappear into a facility I could not enter, all I could do was look through a window at a gaggle of mentally disturbed people as some rocked back and forth awkwardly, or drooled as they stared back at me, or shuffled around the room. It was one of the weirdest HELPLESS feelings of my life. This was around 2 or 3 a.m. By 10 a.m. I received a call from him; the facility was discharging him and he needed to be picked up and brought home. The prior night, the only that saved me from perhaps having to kill this kid was the fact that he feared me. I was physically much more imposing than him, and I was his most involved uncle. There was a certain manly respect I commanded. Now, here I was driving him home from an ordeal I had forced him to suffer through. During that long ride back, at one point this very bright but disturbed young man turned to me and said, "See, I told you there was nothing wrong with me." He was articulate, a quick thinker, and entirely normal-looking and normal-sounding. But indigent. At that facility . . . they essentially did no real examination at all and sent him on his way. *He* wasn't banging his head on the wall. So, he was back to being *our* problem. His father, an outstanding Sailor and a great guy, left the Navy to work at the Philadelphia Navy Yards and soon descended into madness. My sister divorced him when my nephew was perhaps 8 or 9 years old. His father's family blamed her for being an evil crazy chick from Florida and they would not listen to reason about what was happening to their loved one. Well, his father moved back to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A few years later, he murdered his mother and one of his sisters. He had made the mistake of scaring them; they made the fatal mistake of not hiding his gun well enough. There's an entire population in this country that America has forced to deal with a serious problem while our hands are absolutely tied. I have had to place myself in jeopardy because advocates have warped our laws. The leftwing keeps talking about our gun culture as the problem. For me, the mental health advocates are the problem. And I'm tired of them. Completely. I had to get this off my chest as I grieve for those families in my state, robbed of their most precious treasure.
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CH, I want people to explain here why what she wrote isn't *extremely* damaging to Obama and Comey. Somebody? Anybody? The lawyer, now that I think about it, may have a need to maintain a certain public narrative until such time as her client can lower the boom. On a certain level, that note to self is savvy as hell -- especially when you're dealing with vipers who have already shown you that *you* are dispensable.
Goodness. Just read that statement from the lawyer for Susan Rice. Looks like my benefit of the doubt is going to take the same kind of hit it took with that extended to Comey. ((( sigh )))
Well, I see many are following the lead of Rich and aren't buying my take on dear ole Susan Rice. Alrighty then. Time will tell. * * * Ummmmmm . . . so, that Asiana Flight 214 spoof with the crashed aircraft and Asian names . . . Posted by: Sum Ting Wong | February 13, 2018 at 02:19 PM Go ahead and hate me but for a minute or so after viewing it, I just couldn't stop laughing.
It isn't that she thinks she has done something wrong, she thinks they didn't go far enough. She will never be contrite or even admit she did anything wrong. It is also unnecessary to make into some sort of hero-she would have nothing useful to offer regarding the DOJ or CIA and all her conversations with President Obama would be privileged, although I'm pretty sure the densest trud to ever slide out of the Chicago Sewer System never put it explicitly to her to start unmaking all those honky Trump crooks, it was well understood by her what her job was. Posted by: rich | February 13, 2018 at 02:50 AM Rich, we make a serious mistake when we presume stupidity on their part. That's the idiotic mistake THEY have repeatedly made. We should not follow suit. She was his National Security Advisor. You want me to believe she somehow forgot or idiotically dismissed the fact he rather proudly made assertions such as this: • “I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations.”• “I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations.”• “I guarantee there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI.”• “I guarantee it.”— 𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚕 (@chiIIum) February 7, 2018 I don't think so, bruh. I think you benefit (as do we all) from taking another look at the circumstances, what led up to that January 5th date, and what followed it. That note to self is *very* damaging to Barack Obama. How is this not obvious ??? So, either she is caught in a blatant lie or the President and Jim Comey are caught in BLATANT lies. The White House logs show no such meeting on that date because they curiously stopped recording visits on November 24, 2016 *after* the election victory of Donald Trump -- hmmmmmmmm. Something has to give. And this is why Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was so very smart to be patient and methodical with these rascals. Who is the lying sack of shiznit? Because somebody here is a lying sack of shiznit. Perhaps all of them, true, but Obama and Hillary made her get out in front of the country and talk some really, really stupid shiznit. I've been put in that position by a dumbass before. You never, ever forget it. So, bringing this back to JOM . . . clearly Elmer Fudd's gonna beat OL's azz -- it's coming. You know it, I know it, OL knows it. And it's going to be glorious !!! Doctor's appointment today, wifey's 60th, I may dip in as circumstances warrant but I'll likely be radio silent on this board for the rest of today.
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I have to get some shut-eye, but first! * * * A president whose law enforcement people respect the law doesn't have to loudly and clearly tell them that "THIS ONE IS BY THE BOOK" two weeks before the end of their eight year run. Kind of a tell, whether its for show or no... Posted by: boatbuilder | February 12, 2018 at 11:23 PM Yep, yep. * * * Now, Gus! Yo, Gus! Okay . . . Mr. Paducer extraordinaire -- with respect to Rice, my theory is the clarity of treason only was made real with continued efforts to thwart Trump *after* his election. That is when she began to see that these people have no brakes and they are headed over the cliff. Putting yourself into their shoes, think about this: until the election results came in, that was all just politics. Dirty politics, sure. Illegal politics, yes . . . but politics. After the election? That's treasonous territory. She's not a Chicago-Way type. She's a creature of DC, and this shiznit was now out of control. This is what I *want* to believe and until some credible evidence demonstrates otherwise, that is what I am *going* to believe. Later, Gators.
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KK: Please understand I am not taking issue with your position Man, please. *Do* take issue with my position, especially because I'm trying to give her *every* benefit of the doubt. You make a strong case. But, remembering the many Democrats I've conversed with since the election of Trump -- many that I love dearly -- I *can* see her doing all you claim for political reasons in furtherance of her Commander-in-Chief. And I can still see her reaching a point where the treason becomes clear, and her saying I'm out, I'm out, I'm out! Especially when a trusted political friend (she must have them) with a more objective eye made clear just what kind of jeopardy she was probably in, given the arrival of a new Commander-in-Chief in two short weeks.
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One of the reasons I love this board is the confident offering of contrary opinions by various contributors as we speculate about various things. So . . . KK / Clarice, in an attempt to help you "memorialize" this here thang, consider the below thread; it pays IMHO to read each tweet as food for thought. I'm definitely not alone in my possibility / probability thinking on Susan Rice (and BoE, she could have crafted it directly after that meeting and saved the draft or timed it to send on a date two weeks into the future): (1) @ThomasWictor does a wonderful job tying some facts together about the strange email Susan Rice sent to herself just minutes before her final departure from the White House on Inauguration Day. I thought it worthwhile to highlight a few more points...— 2ndUSRevolution🇺🇸 (@2ndUSRevolutoin) February 13, 2018 (13) The point is that being aware of the immediate actions following the January 5, 2017 meeting makes it very likely the self-email was a matter of conscious for Rice, and she could not rightfully in good faith stand by and watch America be taken down.The End.— 2ndUSRevolution🇺🇸 (@2ndUSRevolutoin) February 13, 2018 I respectfully submit y'all aren't fully accepting the timeline I presented. These people had lost their damn minds, were running off of a cliff at breakneck speed, and barely blinking in the face of TREASON while continuing to charge hard. Think about that. I'm sorry, I don't believe it unthinkable that the woman stopped, said to herself, "Ain't this a bitch!" and then concluded as follows: "Hell no !!! Politics is one thing but treason is quite another."
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I think Judge Nap might want to take a nap on this one.
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Important point to remember: Reminder : just because someone flips doesn't mean they're a 'good' person. In fact, it often means they're NOT. Mueller (IMO), Rice, Priestap - they're all snakes, heavily compromised and desperate. They all have incentive to switch sides and take down their former allies.— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) February 13, 2018 Yep, yep.
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I don't find fault with what you're saying, Clarice. But . . . she *did* write that note to self, and it *is* incredibly damaging to Barack Obama.
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Regarding that Grassley letter to Susan Rice: I'm not sure that was a CYA from Rice. Not sure it isn't. And I do believe "memorialize" is fairly standard governmental usage, often used when contrary interpretations of directives or meetings are expected. Is it possible Thomas Wictor's first suspicion (he was once fairly confident Rice was in with the good guys, General Flynn's crew) is on the mark and this documents Obama's duplicity (because, among other documents, there are other records indicating meetings with DOJ NSD members and FBI CID members) ??? As with my earlier deference to Comey, I'm bending over backwards here to look at the possibility she finally covered herself in glory; that she saw the madness sweeping over the Obama Administration and recognized these were multiple "bridges too far" for a National Security Advisor to traverse? Partial Treason Timeline 01/05/17 Rice, as documented on Jan. 20, meets with Obama, Biden, Jim Comey & Sally Yates 01/05/17 FBI says DNC refused to turn over server to determine nature of leaks 01/06/17 Comey briefs President-Elect Trump on existence of "salacious and unverified" Russian "Dossier" 01/06/17 Within hours of Comey's meeting with Trump, existence of "Dossier" leaked by CNN (James Clapper named as possible leaker) 01/07/17 Comey demands "Dossier" be included in final intelligence community report on Russian meddling in the U.S. election 01/12/17 DOJ IG Michael Horowitz announces probe into actions of FBI including McCabe's role in Clinton email scandal * * * For someone who clearly followed all of the back and forth over the DOJ OIG's frustration with the Obama Administration and his subsequent statutory victory gaining additional powers, it isn't conceivable that she ignored that January 12th announcement . . . is it? And, Flynn had to have extensive interaction with her during the transition . . . correct? Maybe by January 20th she either recognized the jig was up (or was convinced of same by someone like Flynn) and then determined it was time to get right with God, and her country. Thus, you decide (or are convinced) to memorialize that eMail to yourself. After all, there's now no one from the Obama Administration to be hanging around you and asking awkward questions. Additionally, we're still looking for people who flipped, right? And she would make a good candidate to try and flip, wouldn't she? It's just exceedingly hard to believe that *all* of these people doubled down on stupid! * * * Wictor, by the way, is banging this drum again: (1) @drawandstrike Check THIS out, which @twitcathe brought to my attention.— Thomas Wictor (@ThomasWictor) February 12, 2018 (13) This is what happens when you are an arrogant SOB who thinks you can mercilessly abuse people and get away with it forever.Rice's revenge is so elegant.She learned from the greatest spook in human history...— Thomas Wictor (@ThomasWictor) February 12, 2018
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RG, I'm in Southwest FL believe. I have no idea how far that is from Tallahassie, but we will work it out. Posted by: Jane | February 10, 2018 at 12:20 PM Even better; I will likely be in South Florida within the next three or four weeks and am hoping to arrange a SW FL visit while down there. I have an old high school friend in Collier County. * * * Do you suppose the Awan case is being slow walked in the courts and media because Awan was working both for Brennan at the CIA and for Pakistan? Posted by: sbw | February 12, 2018 at 09:20 AM Absolutely.
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Wonder when RG is going to forget he ever knew us. Posted by: Old Lurker | February 08, 2018 at 04:14 PM With personalities such as yours, my friend, never! * * * RG: If you can work Omarosa into your continuing theories of Donald Trump, I would be most impressed. Posted by: Appalled | February 08, 2018 at 04:36 PM Hmmmmm . . . challenge . . . accepted ??? * * * Has RG stopped in since he has become famous? Posted by: Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there| February 09, 2018 at 07:45 PM I'm up in Carolina with in-laws and performing MC duties for a big 50th birthday celebration tonight. Next week, I'll catch up with all of y'all. This quick race through the comments was all I could accomplish this morning. And Jane, I'm still looking forward to our meet-up. I may be driving up the East Coast in late March to Philadelphia, with a probable overnight somewhere in the DelMarVa. You're in that area, correct? * * * Finally . . . (after [1] also noting that I love that Fifth Element flick!, and [2] jim nj, I'm seriously intrigued by your comments -- and KK -- on the market; when I'm back home, I'll dive into them more; and [3] agreeing with OL's thought re Trump Admin applying anti-cancer drugs racing to get ahead of a possible death of our model republic ) . . . * * * My big mistake was having five double-stuff Oreo’s after dinner. Bad sugar dullness hitting. Love sugar. Hate sugar. Posted by: sbw | February 09, 2018 at 08:15 PM My kind of man!
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I can't hangout right now and I'm driving to Carolina tomorrow, but . . . I'm pleased to trumpet my latest opinion piece at American Greatness: Back in December of 2015, Dan McLaughlin wrote an excellent piece in The Federalist on the then-upcoming Republican primary race. It offers quite the window into the political decision making of Donald J. Trump. In it he accurately outlines Trump as the candidate employing the Observe, Orient, Decide, and then Act principles (the OODA Loop) of famed American fighter pilot and strategist John Boyd. Unfortunately for McLaughlin, at the time of that writing he, like many, rather spectacularly misunderstood who Donald Trump is in actual fact. His entire piece examines as real the strategically erratic character Trump has clearly created for social, business and media consumption purposes. * * * Click the link, read the rest! It's a good read, I promise.
More and more, Carter Page -- a Naval Academy graduate -- appears to me to be a human intelligence asset of the DIA. As such, and if my prior speculation about General Flynn & Trump knowing they were being spied upon from the very first announcement of Trump's candidacy (and earlier) is on the money, Page's Russia focus would have been a particularly juicy asset in this sting operation. We should never allow ourselves to forget there was (and is) an internal war going on in our government. On one side there are (among others) elements of the CIA working in concert with Democrats to politicize and weaponize domestic spying on Americans. If there is on our side an ongoing broad-based attack on the Deep State designed to bring about their death, setting the stage for media organizations to be exposed as highly partisan organs of the Democrat Party would be a magnificent way to financially put a nail in their coffin -- wouldn't it ??? And it would be a fantastic breaching tool to overcome the historic difficulty in proving slander for a public figure, wouldn't it ??? Slander occurs when a defamatory statement is spoken or otherwise audible (such as a radio broadcast). To prove this type of defamation, plaintiffs must prove the following four elements: First, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff. Second, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party. Third, the plaintiff must prove that the publisher acted at least negligently in publishing the communication. Fourth, in some cases, the plaintiff must prove special damages. Presuming Carter Page would have to meet, as a public figure, the extra requirement of actual malice -- well: Actual Malice occurs when: [1] The defendant publishes a statement about the plaintiff he knows is false; or [2] The defendant publishes a statement about the plaintiff with reckless disregard for whether it is false or true. * * * Are y'all starting to see how potentially good this is getting? Leap with me now! * * * Think of Carter Page as another element of the Trumpian Landing Teams (whether pre-Transition, Transition, or then Governing); if you do this . . . his lawsuit is sitting fairly pretty right now, isn't it ??? Former Trump campaign aide Carter Page said Friday he will be updating his slander lawsuits against various news organizations in light of the release of the Nunes memo, and hailed the release of that memo as a way to "repair" U.S. democracy. In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Page [said] he is looking forward updating his “pending legal action in opposition," but wasn't more specific. *snip* Page filed a 400-page defamation lawsuit against Yahoo and the Huffington Post in September over a story that claimed he was under investigation for meeting Russian officials who meddled in the 2016 presidential election. The suit also targeted the Broadcasting Board of Governors, whose outlets Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, both controlled by the United States, wrote an account based off of the Yahoo article. According to Page, the federal government helped to spread the allegations against him. *snip* “I look forward to updating my pending legal action in opposition to [the Department of Justice] this weekend in preparation for Monday’s next small step on the long, potholed road toward helping to restore law and order in our great country,” Page said Friday. It is unclear what Page meant by what happens on Monday, and he did not immediately clarify. * * * We shall see what (if anything) Monday brings and I may be alone in this speculation, but . . . . time for some football viewing preparation. Later, Gators.
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I'm reading backwards on the thread this morning; meant to post this last night. * * * Hmmmmmm -- the oversold Nunes memo ??? Looks like TM doesn't quite get that whole scalps before skulls thing either. Remember, TM, McLaughlin wrote a beautiful December 16, 2015 piece in The Federalist on the Republican primary but COMPLETELY misunderstood what was happening with Trump. He has made that mistake once again. They are setting the stage for a 7-course meal and this is but a social sippy sip before the sit-down for the meal. As merely preparation for this most necessary national conversation based on the realest reality TV series ever constructed (y'all do see what the Trump Administration has done here, right? In order to communicate with this TV generation, right?), the Nunes Memo has worked beautifully. A full freakout that leaves the country wondering what the hell are they freaking out about !?! Tom Maguire, inquiring minds want to know: what, pray tell, are they freaking out about? Hmmmm ??? * * * Beasts keeps tempting the fates by jumping on board the crazy train. Posted by: Captain Hate | February 03, 2018 at 12:42 PM Wait, did I miss sumpin' sumpin' ??? * * * I do not believe the Rosenstein threat goddip. Out of character and totally unlikely. Posted by: Clarice Feldman | February 03, 2018 at 03:47 PM IMHO, Rosenstein is clearly on our side and (like Sessions) doing a rather good job operating in the shadows while allowing confusing narratives to do what they're supposed to do: confuse the enemy. I heard some screeching about martial law during the hysteria about Trump in the campaign and dismissed it but . . . . . . the idea about military tribunals has intrigued the heck out of me.
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