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(about Kaepernick) Kap was going to be cut anyway, so his opting out is mitigated by that factoid. However, his narrative would have been better served if he had made the team cut him rather than be seen as walking away from millions. He orchestrated all of this protest nonsense, of course (he couldn't know it at the time but he's been played by politicos who thought Hillary would be President and this was all a win-win situation), and he richly deserves the blowback he's getting.
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New thread.
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RG, DOW Jones says those bunny rabbits were just "flirting!" Posted by: daddy | October 16, 2017 at 06:34 PM Ha !!! That's what I call some heavy-duty flirting, bruh! Almost like the market "flirting" with 23k and daring Paul Krugman to get him some ;-) * * * The Lie-Barry Love it, TK!!! Posted by: daddy | October 16, 2017 at 07:23 PM Yep, yep.
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Good Morning! (dark bunny humps light bunny, nuts, passes out) Posted by: daddy | October 16, 2017 at 02:42 PM Well, my daddy always warned me about them there white bunnies. But, woo boy, I just wouldn't listen !!!
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Good morning. MM, ignore the conspiracy commenters. Enough of them are employed as a strategy to take advantage of our very American desire to be provided information NOW. They desire to generate chaos. Vegas is a good example: company town, huge interests by certain corporations in a particular narrative being delivered primarily for insurance reasons, other narratives desired by trial lawyers, etc., all stoked by crazy conspiracy nonsense. Good rule of thumb: initially, and well after that, ignore *all* conspiracy talk. Later today I'm headed back to my hometown for the wedding of our beautiful goddaughter. Before that, however, a long comment: * * * Wish I could share your confidence regarding the stasi müller office, but it is beyond wishful thinking that he is going to clear anyone regarding the Trump campaign. Or he would go after democrats or the Clinton campaign. His next gambit will be to pour through the campaign records and find some i's undotted and full speed ahead for Ryan et al to begin impeachment. henry had it best earlier-herr müller is disposing of the evidence his good buddy Comey left behind. Posted by: rich | October 13, 2017 at 11:35 PM It's weird to me how casually we toss out this "disposing of evidence" stuff. Really? In the digital age? The age of the NSA? You know, there are *many* conservatives who do work in the federal government. The fact that it may be 70-30 or 80-20 split overlooks the fact of a much more even split in the intelligence community or other federal areas applicable to the presumed disposal of relevant information. All of that aside, here's the thing as it appears to me Rich: even if Mueller is of a mind to be the next Patrick Fitzgerald, Trump is obviously unconcerned. Isn't he? And for good reason. That stuff only worked prior to the election of Trump. This guy has flushed all of the deference required for a partisan attack to matter. All of it. People fretting about Mueller have to presume Sessions and Trump were in agreement on Mueller being brought in and signed off on it. Everything seems scripted to me to reassure Democrats of the probability Trump will get ensnared. Including the true wisdom of keeping many of these Obama Admin players (McCabe, etc.) still employed by the federal government so that more control may be exerted by the Trump Administration upon them. Obviously, I've never given up on the idea that General Flynn is exacting his rightful revenge on the political and intelligence community that disparaged (and violated) him . . . and so is Donald Trump. If I'm correct in this wishful thought, Lou Dobbs is absolutely correct: President Trump is the most accomplished Commander-in-Chief in modern American history. That such an assessment can be plausibly tossed around is astonishing, given the amazing vitriol thrown at him relentlessly from multiple political corners -- including within the Republican Party. Call it wishful thinking if you like. However, that strikes me (forgive me, henry) as very much like someone criticizing Trump's Executive Order on ObamaCare yesterday from the lens of November 9, 2016 rather than the lens of November 7, 2016. This approach conveniently allows the anxious reality of November 8, 2016 to be blurred. All of my current political assessments flow first through a firm remembrance of the anxious reality of November 8, 2016.
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I'll settle for gloating if you're right. Posted by: Sue | October 13, 2017 at 08:30 PM Damn, you own the downside here. Because I can't settle if I'm wrong; I'm gonna be 38-hot and super-pissed-off. Well, time to go watch some sports good people. Later, Gators.
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Sue, you wanna bet on that Sugar Mama ??? I bet you an ice cold co-cola spiced with the adult liquor of your choice that Mueller is not in a mad dash Patrick Fitzgerald investigation of the Trump Administration but is in fact clearing them of all suspicion. I will, of course, entertain a counter-bet. The sassier the better. Any and all comers from that damn Lurker's Ledge. Get at me !!!
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You're a star--you can grab them further down if you want to. Posted by: Ralph L | October 13, 2017 at 08:10 PM Grab 'em, grab 'em, grab 'em, grab 'em, grab 'em !!! Ralph -- damn, did you promote me or sumpin' sumpin' ??? Well, it's a mixed board and that is holding me in check right now, so I shall refrain from further excess.
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Who has Mueller and his team interviewed besides Trump people? I haven't seen anything indicating they are talking to democrats. Posted by: Sue | October 12, 2017 at 12:15 PM I forgot to go back and check on the comments to my very hopeful "Trump has a kill shot lined up" comment from yesterday. It is possible, Sue, their first mission is to investigate (and clear, because he already knows there's no THERE there) President Trump. That is worst-case scenario for Democrats; they're own folks essentially did the investigating and found squadoosh! Then, it's on to Clinton, Inc. and the Obama Admin illegalities. Won't that be fun? Henry, Mueller does have some honor in him. We're all corruptible. Many of us seek salvation and redemption *after* we have been corrupted the most. Mueller? Perhaps. Yes, it certainly appears a longshot. That, however, seems to be the way Trump not only operates but . . . this is the way he wins. Isn't it? My partner and host out on the Faith and Patience Portico, MM, agrees. Nuff said.
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Clarice, I loved it so much that I stole your "grab them by the pussy" comment and posted it on twitter. That whole episode infuriated me at the time. So much obviously fake outrage. NBA players trying to act as if they weren't familiar with it as locker room talk. I wanted to choke the life out of some of them.
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Speaking of Weinstein, TM: "The Calm" . . . before "The Storm" President Trump's tweets in the last few days have firmed up my belief about his "calm before the storm" remark, and in fact convinced me I was thinking far too small. It's not just Sinclair media, although that's part of it. It's not just broadcast licensing, though that is also a major component. No, this man has a kill shot lined up that's going to take out multiple INDUSTRIES as presently constituted; they will not be the same when he's done with them. And he told us beforehand he was going to do this. Hollywood is imploding right before our eyes. Harvey Weinstein is going down, and he's not going to go alone. That entire industry is insecure to its core on the best of days and right now? Well, let us just say it is quaking at about 8.0 on the richter scale. The networks? They *all* own and operate local TV stations in multiple major markets. And they're part of major conglomerates that all have a presence on cable television. So . . . how about one of my tweets: They are licensed to operate in public interest. The public interest CANNOT be partisan. They do news as a public service. See the problem?— J.B. White (@RattlerGator) October 11, 2017 And a follow-up tweet from an online friend: The collusion with the DNC, HRC campaign & IC (leaks), the 24/7 anti-Trump narrative + lying reveals them for what they are. Proxies.— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) October 11, 2017 Bingo !!! Donald Trump told us what he was going to do (regarding Hillary Clinton) if he won the Presidency. He even told us how he was going to do it: Special counsel, appointed by the Attorney General. But he didn't tell us that he would blatantly put it in our face or *THEIR* face. I've told y'all I'm still giddy from the election result and the performance by our President, and I know this ventures towards wishful thinking territory, but . . . Mueller isn't investigating Trump, my friends. Not at all. He better be clearing Trump's name *and* investigating Hillary. Perhaps even Obama. Trump is playing for keeps, and he means business. Click on the link to see an applicable falling dominoes graphic:— ☆ PJ_Steiner ☆ (@PJ_Steiner) October 9, 2017
But the academies, especially West Point and Annapolis, have their own histories and traditions that should not have allowed this to happen. That it *has* happened suggests the problem goes far, far beyond Obama's tenure. I mean, am I to believe this laxity just -- poof! -- all of a sudden occurred in 2009-10? No. And Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. Heffington verifies this in his letter: [D]uring my time on the West Point faculty (2006-2009 and again from 2013-2017), I personally witnessed a series of fundamental changes at West Point that have eroded it to the point where I question whether the institution should even remain open. That's incredibly strong language. Later, he gave a clear example of the very serious MODERN problem: It seems that the Academy’s senior leaders are intimidated by cadets. During my first tour on the faculty (I was a CPT at the time), I noticed that 4th class cadets were going on leave in civilian clothes when the regulation clearly stated they were supposed to be wearing a uniform. During a discussion about cadet standards between the BTO and the Dept. of History faculty, I asked why plebes were going on leave in civilian clothes. His answer astonished me: “That rule is too hard to enforce.” Yet West Point had no problem enforcing that rule on me in the mid-1990s. I found it impossible to believe that the several hundred field grade officers stationed at West Point could not make teenagers wear the uniform. This anecdote highlights the fact that West Point’s senior leaders lack not the ability but the motivation to enforce their will upon the Corps of Cadets. This is completely upside down and absolutely intolerable I wonder if this has something to do with the very modern corruption of our political class, and these are the folks -- politicians -- recommending so many of the students. It could be we need to totally review and revamp how these academies seek out, interview, and admit students. But, standards must be maintained and enforced. These academies have been heavy into engineering, and fields of study may need to be diversified (hell, such may have already happened for all I know). But this has to be fixed. Right now.
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Jim, Kurt Schlichter said replace the entire leadership. I agree. I can't begin to tell how shocking that story & the Rapone idiot is to me. Schindler says things are no better at Annapolis. Full stop. This has to be corrected immediately.
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I don't want to say anything overly uncharitable about RBG but . . . isn't it time she resigned?
The LVPD have stated very clearly that they are sure Paddock acted alone. But this is a strategic lie, so was the gargantuan timelime fuckup, and now they will solve the case with billboards. Don't quit your day job. Posted by: windansea | October 10, 2017 at 08:15 PM So, you want to do battle with me windandsea -- is that it? I'm not about to follow every speculative detail about this incident because I know it is fruitless at this point. But I think I do have a question for you: "The LVPD have stated very clearly that they are sure Paddock acted alone." Is that accurate? Or did they state he was the only shooter? Are you -- while casting your aspersions -- rushing to conflate that which can not be conflated, windandsea? Because YOU demand answers. Now !!! You need answers now !!! Whether or not you improperly conflated the released information, I (well, I'm gonna delete that).
How does someone with Corker's background arrive at the Senate in 2007 with so foreign policy bona fides and become Chairman of the Sentate Foreign Relations Committee? Does McConnell make committee assignments? That would explain so much. Posted by: DebinGA | October 10, 2017 at 03:12 PM Imperator Rex on twitter has a knack for summarizing the backstory behind some of Trump's tweets. His piece on the question of Corker was, I thought, magnificent: 1. So THAT'S what Trump is up to. As always you need to dig a bit to find the gold.— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) October 10, 2017 16. Bob Corker REALLY wanted to help Obama. Which was odd, given his long pro-Israeli stance.— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) October 10, 2017 17. A cynic might suggest that Bob Corker was either afraid of blackmail, or stood to benefit, from the Iran deal. Or both.— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) October 10, 2017 18. VERY strange to me that Corker's scheme seemed to involve him helping Obama directly, while also being able to plausibly deny it.— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) October 10, 2017 Yep, yep. That's a damn good read, 1 throught 32. Trump's tweet leads back to the issue of spying. Read the thread.
Currently, they are looking like keystone cops and have severely eroded their credibility. Posted by: windansea | October 10, 2017 at 11:25 AM No, windandsea, I'm rightfully patting myself on the back right now because if anyone is in the position of keystone cops it's people demanding something that has never been and never can be in an active investigation. Until they can verify this guy apparently acted alone, and that takes tremendous investigation and time, they have to selectively hold or release information designed to aid the investigation. Period. I can't figure out why that isn't obvious. It doesn't matter to me if some theory turns out to be accurate that is contrary to what I've put forward, or whether the Sheriff really was something of an incompetent. The Sheriff isn't doing the grunt work. None of these speakers that we see are. I just shake my head on this board sometimes at the apparent lack of appreciation of the *work* that has to be done in all manner of investigations. And the real time it takes. A last reminder: Scott Adams this morning discussed his personal experience as a bank teller years ago, his memory of getting robbed at work, the FBI coming in and interviewing him, the FBI following up with him by having him watch a video of the event, and . . . it was COMPLETELY contrary to his vivid memory. Breathe, people. Quit demanding a perfect timeline or fast information or straight logic. These freaking Russians want us to doubt everyone in authority. It's why I have so much contempt for the Obama crowd; they played into that narrative so well with real misdeeds. But most of these grunt employees are working their ass off to do the right thing. We should respect that.
TK, it's a crazy world we live in sometimes. I mean, who here hasn't read *my* speculation and contributions to the speculation of others? It was TM's conclusions that surprised me and led me to say we need to, IMHO, take a step back from that type of stuff.
OK, we all understand the fog of war, which rarely lifts in the immediate aftermath. But this kind of confusion reeks of cover-up. Posted by Tom Maguire on October 10, 2017 Really busy week; haven't been able to go back and read old posts / comments but I think I've been proven accurate when tried to suggest the investigatory process would likely (of necessity) involve the delivery of information that could not be relied upon. Fog of war analogies is totally improper, it seems to me, as is an opinion that this kind of "confusion" (???) reeks of cover-up. It reeks of an investigation with quite probably serious actors at issue and possibly still at-large. We need to step back and allow this thing to naturally breathe in a real way, not a TV / CSI bogus kind of way IMHO.
It's football time now for me, but first: -peter, Did you see where I reported that half the Wyandanch team took a knee during the antherm at our Homecoming game? We won 16-0. [my prior post of 24-0 was wishful thinking:] Posted by: Jack is Back! | October 08, 2017 at 11:32 AM JiB, where are the adults? I would think the adult position unquestionably should be if you can't show respect, you damn sure can't play.
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I'm leaning towards a reveal on how our antiquated gun laws made this worse than it should have been. Posted by: Threadkiller | October 08, 2017 at 10:08 AM I don't doubt that will be the attempted 60 Minutes spin; but, what about the investigatory team? If this turns out to be just some gun control, gun control, gun control jibber jabber I will be highly disappointed. They will be speaking to: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective Casey Clarkson Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective Matthew Donaldson. Las Vegas Police Department K-9 unit Officer David Newton from the and Las Vegas Police Department K-9 unit Sergeant Joshua Bitsko And . . . Interestingly (for discussion purposes on our board, at least), they will also be speaking with Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.
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Psychotic and magically the nerves and skill of a professional operator , and all the while under this level of duress? Just does not make any sense at all, Posted by: squaredance | October 07, 2017 at 09:50 PM Agreed, to a degree. I'm not thinking there's any deep state activity here or anything of the sort. I speculated yesterday (I think) about an accomplice who might be of similar mindset but more of the lackey in the pair. Conversely, it occurs to me now that *Paddock* might be the real lackey in the pair, or Paddock might be the useful idiot who allowed a group to play him for the fool. I think many of us are trying to make far too much sense out of what is publicly available right now and not giving nearly enough dap to the fact they are holding back OBVIOUS evidence they very clearly have. They are giving (it seems to me) a sense of flying blind when I'm virtually certain they most definitely are not. Finally, my senses tell me it is rarely beneficial to presume incompetence without clear evidence of said lack of ability. Other explanations usually prove far more respectful and accurate. We'll see what they disclose in this 60 Minutes interview. My expectation is there's something they want communicated to a wide national audience. It may not be immediately obvious to us, but the party they want to communicate with [and there *must* be at least one somebody they're trying to communicate to, right?] will know the deal. It might not be a perpetrator but someone who knows the perpetrator(s).
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Anonamon? Re Paddock -- we know virtually NOTHING about what they have already collected, evidence-wise, nor about the full veracity of the public statements they've made.
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You don't need to verify all that if you don't want to. Heh, Ralph L, I enjoy a challenge.. ;-) Posted by: glasater | October 07, 2017 at 07:44 PM Ahhhhhhh . . . sookie, sookie now. (does anyone remember King Floyd - Groove Me ??? )
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(still working out the agitation after that football loss) If anyone's clicking that 6:35 link, check out the guy in the upper right after 1:22. Chick magnets, I tell ya! Posted by: Extraneus | October 07, 2017 at 06:54 PM I laughed at that, bigtime. I wonder if that guy was leaning back and thinking to himself, "Oh, hell, not this damn German MoFu student . . . again !?! I hate my life !!!"
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