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Sorry for the news, RG. Don't be consumed with anger to the point you can't concentrate on spending quality time with the Georgia Peach. Posted by: Captain Hate | December 08, 2017 at 07:08 AM I'm there, CH, I'm definitely there. We had a great day yesterday; it may be her final gift to us. Many thanks to this community, those who are commenting here and especially those that took the time to reach out to me in comments here or via eMail. * * * abadman, Thanks for posting that. It was very interesting and informative. Posted by: Jane | December 08, 2017 at 12:18 PM I want to especially thank abadman publicly. It was an incredible contribution and much appreciated. Anonamom, rse, and others -- you, too. * * * Go Army, Beat Navy !!!
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Unfortunately, as I feared and as y'all may have suspected, the Wednesday report on my Georgia Peach was not good. A stage 4 cancer diagnosis has stunned us. I'm attempting to get her records today but she was seen by a radiologist for her endometrial cancer issue and was told they believed they got it all. She was seen for follow-up by her gynecologic oncologist surgeon in August (he did a hysterectomy with some new-fangled machine a few years ago) and told everything looked good. Now, suddenly in November, stage 4 cancer ??? Intra-abdominal malignancy ??? It has taken me a couple of days but I'm fine, I guess. Trying to balance anger and acceptance. But, I can't resist this: I'm now on the hunt for records and research to help us comprehend the August analysis and the reality of today. Anonamom, if you read this, please eMail me when you can, ma'am: RattlerGator at gmail dot com. Anyone else moved by the spirit should feel welcome to eMail me as well.
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Cap'n, whatever is happening in the ME, you know with absolute certainty the it is choreographed in micro detail by Trump, Israel and SA. Posted by: Old Lurker | December 07, 2017 at 09:24 AM So . . . how is it you understand this but not that he has the Mueller Special Counsel thingy completely under control -- hmmmmmm ??? Ye of little faith !!!
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Good Morning! Jack,how do the high school sports divisions work in Florida? The Venice Indians are playing Bartram Trail (St. Johns is a suburb of Jax?) in the 7A state championship on Saturday. Everyone around here is pretty excited about Venice in the championship game. The best part is an Indian is their mascot. :) Posted by: Marlene | December 07, 2017 at 07:27 AM Well, Marlene, we have 8 divisions in Florida: This link begins with the 8A grid but all are presented as links. Go Bartram Trail !!!
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I hope y'all recognize the beauty of my theory: it is still applicable, and still works, even if neither Comey nor Mueller are willing participants. That's the genius of this thing. Trump knows how to make people work *for* him, even if they are total adversaries. But the military-level PSYOP campaign has been incredible to watch. So much has been done, or presented publicly, that makes NO DAMN SENSE something had to explain it. (beyond my active imagination, that is)
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[1] BoE, some guys have all the damn fun. That's all I'm saying 'bout dat! [2] My theory on Comey et al. is this: Whether Hillary won or lost, enough military members at high levels had seen serious treason. Enough to know, that one way or another, this stuff had to be flushed out. Even if it caused something of a constitutional crisis. But they were gonna call the question, come hell or high water. Luckily, Trump won. So the task, while still incredibly difficult, was made that much easier to complete. In this scenario, General Flynn and Admiral Rogers were driving the train. They had the goods on Mueller and Comey, two peas in a pod. These two were presented with a choice; first Comey. He then had to consult with and, eventually, bring in Mueller. In this theory both men, to their credit, made the correct choice. This allowed Flynn and Rogers to charge hard with their elaborate counter-intelligence trap. One on the outside during the campaign, one on the inside. Both operating like a methodical, patient python on the hunt for treasonous prey. But they had to have two well-schooled partners who were both quite comfortable being under-estimated. Yeah, that's right. Trump (business world) and Sessions (Congress). In this theory, it doesn't really matter if Trump was driving the train and recruited Flynn and Rogers. Operating as something of a four-person Special Forces team, these men collectively allowed the Congressional kabuki theater to move forward, all the leftwing craziness to occur, because all of it served the cause of our duly elected President. The essential element was the General. Flynn dropped his cadre into National Security Council senior slots. They attained the necessary security clearances while others were blocked for very political reasons. Once Flynn was fired, many of these staffers were moved from these jobs but retained their clearances -- allowing them to get raw data from Admiral Rogers, who then became the essential element. Boom !!! It's pretty much laid out here in this thread: All that's left is for the OIG to issue their report, the perpetrators flushed and proper charges be filed. It's a historic moment and when you think about it, this is quite the American story. Army, Navy, Business, Congress, North, South . . . etc. Earth-shattering history, internally, that precipitates earth-shattering history externally. We are living it right now.
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Finally, [4] This guy makes the right point: It’s like Mueller put all of the most politically motivated FBI/DOJ agents in a room and then put a wacko like Weismann in charge and set them on the mission to investigate/get Trump so he could monitor what they would do. Why would he do that? Interesting... My, my, my, . . . my my my my !!!
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[3] Look at this overnight thread on Twitter:
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[2] Look at this interesting snippet from months ago by Senator Trey Gowdy: Hmmmmmmm . . . he insisted to Martha McCallum that history will be much kinder to Jim Comey about the July press conference than the Democrats were.
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Don't look now, ladies and gentlemen, but the possibility James Comey has covered himself in glory is back, back, back in play. [1] Look at this piece on Michael Horowitz of the DOJ OIG from months ago: In a statement, FBI Director James Comey said he is grateful that this review is going to take place.
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Much obliged to everyone for the kind words. Kev, she was born Doris Elizabeth English. A genuinely incredible woman.
RG, are you buying into the fear that all those PR refugees will turn FL Blue until the end of days? I heard 400,000 so far? Posted by: Old Lurker | December 05, 2017 at 03:16 PM No, OL, I'm not. They're certainly changing politics in Central Florida -- especially Osceola County. But Trump is the transformative event, not the hurricanes, etc. More than a few held off on voting for Trump but will certainly do so next time around. Rick Scott, a man the left in Florida loved to hate on about the way the national folks did with Trump, is likely going to win the Senate seat from Bill Nelson. The Democrats believe they have successfully helicoptered in Bob Graham's daughter to win the Governorship. I don't think that's going to work in the Age of Trump. Finally -- I suspect many of those Puerto Ricans will be open to persuasion. We as Republicans need to fight for their votes but not in a special way. In a straightforward, standard way (I feel the same about black voters). We likely won't get a majority; all we need, however, is a healthy percentage.
Not bad, Appalled, not bad at all. * * * And here's the thing I love about Trump as it relates to Mueller: even if the Special Counsel *isn't* working in the service of the President, the President still knows how to make Mueller (like practically all of his adversaries) one way or another nevertheless work *for* him. That's an incredible skill.
That's the spirit, Porchlight!
JimNorCal, the Pensacola-Mobile TV market is one market. The coverage will be blanketed all over Alabama *and* Florida.
Buckeye, the three of us (and all others found there) will toast one another -- brothers and sisters in the struggle -- and kill off all of OL's good shiznit as we laugh and joke the night away. We needed y'all on that wall . . . and victory is near.
Rocco, you're correct. It is a beautiful prayer in song. Thank you! And thanks to all. Anonamon, your contribution is especially welcomed -- though difficult to accept and follow. There are six of us who jealously cling to her. If the prognosis is as I fear, I will certainly offer your words for consideration. * * * Surber notes that the point of the investigation is not justice but the personal destruction of Donald Trump and family. He sounds more OL in outlook. Posted by: JimNorCal | December 05, 2017 at 10:52 AM I'm biased, of course, but I think he sounds like a member of the Faith & Patience Portico. Mueller is chasing an imaginary rabbit down an imaginary hole. The only remaining question is this: is he doing so knowingly and purposefully in service to the President . . . or is he desperately trying to salvage a way out of an exposed criminal enterprise he, a Marine, foolishly got caught up in. And no, OL, it is not too late to fire him. They desperately tried to do the conflate to obfuscate and confuse game BUT HAVE FAILED. There ain't gonna be no damn impeachment and the failure to suffocate Roy Moore is what proves this, along with now sending money down to the Roy Moore campaign. Some may not see the connection but the jig is up; they have lost. We're just in the denouement, my friend. The python-like methodical investigation and preparation for prosecution is victorious. I'll drag your azz off that ledge sooner or later.
Thanks, all. Goodnight.
Well, friends, I caught a bad bug last week (should have cooked up rse's concoction in early November as planned but it has been so warm I put it off -- it's still 60 degrees outside right now at 11 p.m.) but my real problem is this and I've debated for days whether to say anything at all: I have bad news about my mother, my Georgia Peach. About 10 days ago she was diagnosed with cancer (she had dealt with an endometrial cancer issue a few years ago). A mass was found on her liver and determined to be cancerous, and it has spread. Absolute source undetermined; all we know for sure is they say she has an "intra-abdominal malignancy." She turns 85 in February, oncology appointment on Wednesday. I'm trying to hang in there, but I'm devastated and finding it very hard to focus. The idea of that Wednesday appointment is driving me crazy.
Henry, that Jaguars story was completely bogus. I saw it pushed by Schweikart and couldn't figure out why he would fall for such craziness. * * * RG, good to see you again. I'll believe Elmer is done napping when he does something besides nap. The IG report as a trigger? maybe. Lots of tweeting from all sides surround it. We won't know until its released. Posted by: henry | December 04, 2017 at 08:54 AM * * * And you're even distancing the OIG report from Sessions? Not smart, no matter how technically on point. The continued refusal to acknowledge a tremendous amount of work very clearly accomplished against a very entrenched adversary is unbecoming and . . . . wait for it . . . downright leftist, if I say so myself. That's right, baby bubba, I said it. Meant it, too. I mean, how niggardly can you be? << looks left, looks right, laughs his ass off !!! >> As has surely been mentioned multiple times on this board already, it does at times pay to listen to the screaming of your adversary to understand what substantive work *is* being completed. They weren't confused in the slightest about Jeff Sessions just from his first 100 days in office (he has shephereded much more by now): Despite the political turmoil of the Trump administration, Sessions has moved to reverse a tide of progressive reform and to fulfill his boss’s law-and-order agenda, a collection of concepts loosely articulated during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sessions’ biggest actions, from undermining federal oversight of police departments to cracking down on undocumented immigrants, have worried a wide array of lawmakers, law-enforcement leaders, advocates and scientists. “Of all the cabinet members, maybe even the president, he has to this point had the most significant impact as to policy changes,” said Jesselyn McCurdy, the deputy director at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Washington Legislative Office told Quartz. Yeah, I know, none of that matters -- right? The Battered Spouse Brigade demands action, action, action. Now, now, now !!! Honestly, enough disrespect about Jeff Sessions. The claim diminishes everyone who makes it.
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Seems to be open warfare now. Impeachment vs DoJ IG report. Posted by: henry | December 04, 2017 at 06:42 AM I'm away for what seems like weeks on end and nothing changes ((( sigh ))) How's the Battered Spouse Brigade this morning !?! Think about it, henry. That's not a war. That's not even a skirmish. They have NOTHING. It's just talking loud and saying nothing at the same time. I've said before; I'll say it again. Why in the hell do I give a damn about a purported impeachment? Bill Clinton was impeached. Impeachment only meant something when it was understood to essentially be a death knell, politically. Since the time of Bill Clinton, it has been seen as merely an allegation. Conviction and removal in the Senate are all that matters now. Besides, they couldn't possibly impeach Donald Trump now. All they can do is squawk about it. But the Justice Department IG report ??? That has the force of the current administration, the force of law, and the very real probibility of multiple charges and convictions ending in imprisonment. Elmer Fudd says good morning, bee-otches !!!
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I arrived at a place where I can chuckle and kid MM for sounding like a groupie, or Maryrose for sounding like Rodney King, or you for defending people with whom you have a bond the others do not have. In return, I know for sure that my friends here cut me the same sort of slack when "there he goes again". Relax. Enjoy! Posted by: Old Lurker | November 30, 2017 at 09:08 AM Beautiful comment, OL.
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BTW, in case you haven't heard the nitty-gritty, Miss Markle is not only older and divorced but also 50% African American. The Queen didn't even bat an eye, I understand but gave high praise and felicitations to Harry and his future Countess. Posted by: Jack is Back! | November 27, 2017 at 10:16 AM JiB, JiB -- 50% African American is 100% African American my friend. You trying to make us have a discussion on whether someone is "fully Black" or sumpin' sumpin' ???
While Taxicabs of yesteryear, should change. So, too, should Uber. The answer is not either/or. Sex is procreation, and something undertaken with great responsibility. But it is also great ... ah ... entertainment and part of humanity that while passing through life, should be enjoyed and celebrated. Gee, I hope this comes across as making sense. Posted by: sbw | November 26, 2017 at 09:50 PM Right on the money, my brother, right on the money.