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Gus, is idiot directed at me? If so, one of these days you're hopefully going to figure out that your preferred approach tends to not win elections. Tends to not garner sufficient support. And tends to ignore this younger generation that is more open to the conservative approach than we've seen in decades. That's who the 4D chess approach speaks to, the younger generation, not you. Because *you* need rigid definitions, apparently, and rigid definition was a primary weapon used to keep us out of power and constantly losing the culture war. Clean togas, and all that shiznit, don't you know? So on a certain level, and again -- if that remark was directed at me -- you continue to march doing your thing while we go win this war, my brother. Okay? It should be clear by now the concept of 4D Chess is one of our supreme weapons in the culture war *and* the poltical war, baby bubba. Our Very.Stable.Genius is showing the way. Deal with it !!!
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About that cell phone location info expectation of privacy decision: Caveat by Justice Roberts: The Court concludes that, although the records are not Carpenter’s, the Government must get a warrant because Carpenter had a reasonable “expectation of privacy” in the location information that they reveal. Ante, at 11. I agree with JUSTICE KENNEDY, JUSTICE ALITO, JUSTICE GORSUCH, and every Court of Appeals to consider the question that this is *not* the best reading of our precedents. Dissent by Justice Thomas: The more fundamental problem with the Court’s opinion, however, is its use of the “reasonable expectation of privacy” test, which was first articulated by Justice Harlan in Katz v. United States, 389 U. S. 347, 360–361 (1967) (concurring opinion). The Katz test has no basis in the text or history of the Fourth Amendment. And, it invites courts to make judgments about policy, not law. Until we confront the problems with this test, Katz will continue to distort Fourth Amendment jurisprudence. I respectfully dissent. Dissent by Justice Alito: I share the Court’s concern about the effect of new technology on personal privacy, but I fear that today’s decision will do far more harm than good. The Court’s reasoning fractures two fundamental pillars of Fourth Amendment law, and in doing so, it guarantees a blizzard of litigation while threatening many legitimate and valuable investigative practices upon which law enforcement has rightfully come to rely. * * * Unsurprisingly, Justice Thomas -- who joined in Justice Alito's dissent -- makes the most important fundamental point. That invitation to opine about policy is *the* fundamental problem with our Courts today. It's not their job. I suspect Justice Roberts is trying to shepherd us down the road to an eventual resolution sought by Justice Thomas, thus his caveat to the Courts of Appeal.
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Thanks for the link, TK. * * * OUR STRENGTH is in our bullshitish as 4-d chess. Posted by: GUS | June 22, 2018 at 10:56 AM Ye of little faith; may the 4D Chess be with you, Gustavius of the Cheesehead Kingdom. * * * when something changes, I will notice it. As it stands ACA is overturned (not), immigration is reformed (not), taxes are cut, Dodd Frank repealed (not), entitlements reformed (not). State tax nexus reform is not even on the list for those asshats. Posted by: henry | June 22, 2018 at 10:36 AM When something changes? Do I need to acquaint you with the name President Hillary Rodham Clinton? Go back and revisit every point you made above from the context of a Clintonian presidency, Henry. Context, my man. For some reason you (OL, too) are working extremely hard to not see it or appreciate it. * * * No, Tom R., he doesn't necessarily want it (the filibuster) repealed. The pump he's priming is geared for turnout and he all but says as much. He's hoping he won't need the repeal -- but it *is* an option to him.
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I see y'all talking about okra but didn't see why. In my mother and father's part of Georgia, it was pronounced "oak-kree" and she would sometimes put it in our collard greens, etc. I loved the stuff.
Don't have a heart attack, but I disagree with the President. LOL! Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | June 21, 2018 at 04:50 PM This is a big, big, big clue MM to take a step back. You're not only disagreeing with the President, you're disagreeing with Justice Thomas and Justice Gorsuch while agreeing with Sotomayor -- need I say more !?! * * * As if Congress will go along. Posted by: henry | June 21, 2018 at 05:15 PM You keep being trapped by history, Henry. History would not have allowed Trump to be President. * * * Jane, you note how big Pompeo is? He needs to drop a Ben Franklin if HE wants to be alive in 2024. Posted by: Another Bob | June 21, 2018 at 09:33 PM Hold on, now, I resemble that remark!
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Okay, this is supposed to be a travel day, I'm way behind, and I'm feeling lazy as hell. So . . . I'm going to vegetate here a bit just because. I'm taking a look at the current thread (TM still baiting, I see) before going back for a quick review of yesterday afternoon / evening. * * * Rich, I'll need to process that financial answer at 12:26 a.m. -- it's just not registering with me right now. * * * should work on catch up ... ig report was a dud; coup plotters walking free; trump allies jailed ... still working my shitty job; not enough beer for the hangover i need ... this calls for some kjom Posted by: rich | June 22, 2018 at 01:11 AM Rich, I think you're flying blind here. Anyone saying that report was a dud is seriously missing what is going on here with this series of reports. We've spent a year watching panic mongers remind EVERYBODY at every opportunity the guy in charge of the Mueller investigation is that DIRTY RAT ROD ROSENSTEIN. Who stripped 4 members off of Muellers team - THAT WE KNOW OF AT THIS POINT - and placed them under investigation.— STEALTH JEFF (@drawandstrike) June 22, 2018 * * * Yeah go ahead and square THAT circle, panic mongers. Rod Rosenstein is not what you've been claiming he is. He can't show classified info in docs to Congressional committees where he's in charge of LEAK INVESTIGATIONS of people SITTING ON THOSE COMMITTEES.— STEALTH JEFF (@drawandstrike) June 22, 2018 Trump/Sessions/Rosenstein/Horowitz/Huber . . . they are merely / wisely / strategically priming the pump in that first report, much like Trump is with his rallies where he keeps making the point we need more Republicans in Congress *and* the Republicans in the Upper Chamber need to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate. Faith and patience.
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I want to get back to something from last night, and then I'm out. KK, I have a bone to pick. We can dance the Watutsi about it later; another very biased RattlerGator opinion follows: i believe that Trump was royally P.O.ed at Sessions for recusing himself. Posted by: Kevlar Kid | June 20, 2018 at 04:15 PM I think this deserves further focus. To believe this one single 'Trump is pissed at Sessions' point, KK, you have to believe that Sessions either did this [the recusal] on his own accord *or* consulted with the President and, contrary to the desires of his Chief Executive, decided to take this humongous step on his own. Neither option is remotely close to being possible IMHO. Sessions is an old-school man, an Eagle Scout, is a graduate of a tiny Methodist-affiliated college, was active while in college with the Young Republicans (an *extreme* Deep South rarity in the late 1960s), is a lawyer and was a Captain in the United States Army Reserve, and -- oh, by the way -- took the lead in facing down the final remnants of the Klan in Bama. Now, as Attorney General of the USA -- I'm expected to believe he acted contrary to the *strong* wishes of his President about something that personally affects *his* President? Let me say this clearly: I don't give a damn what they ultimately say, or what narrative is ultimately presented for the official history books, there's no freaking way that happened. Part of Trump's apparent genius is understanding biases and believability. That (an unconscious negative Southern bias) is very much in play on the whole question of Jeff Sessions. It would do well for all of us to remember this nugget: Sessions was nominated for a seat on the U.S. District Court in 1986, but the Senate Judiciary Committee did not advance the nomination for a vote after it was claimed that he had made racially insensitive comments, among other allegations. Lies, I have no doubt about that. In the modern game, the facts don't matter; it's the narrative that matters. Sessions got burned by a bogus narrative playing off of that unconscious -- and sometimes not so unconscious -- Southern bias. I doubt if he forgot it. So he was seriously honored to be named Attorney General by Donald Trump and he protected Trump brilliantly with that recusal, because what the Democrats and their friends in the media desperately needed was the OBSTRUCTION NARRATIVE . . . and he denied them that wish, just as General Flynn did with his plea. However, as an alternative, the Administration has wisely given the Pavlovian Dogs a narrative they can't resist. A narrative (Mueller & Rosenstein are going to take down Drumpf) that serves the Trump Administration. Take it to the bank: Mueller and Rod Rosenstein may not have been waiting to do so, but Jeff Sessions has DEFINITELY been waiting quite some time to beat the hell outta some punk ass bitches in D.C., and I'm pretty sure he's doing precisely that. Later, Gators.
Peter, try it man! * * * KK, who said D.C. is the collecting entity?
0-0, Argentina and Croatia. * * * Which of those additional taxes get eliminated in favor of the brick&mortars? Posted by: Threadkiller | June 21, 2018 at 02:30 PM Are we talking past one another? I might be multi-tasking too much and this is a sign that I need to get offline. None of those taxes get eliminated in favor of the brick & mortars. This is what I mean by you, IMHO, looking at it backwards. A (for example) 10% national rate preempts State taxation on ONLINE sales. Those entites are now more closely affected in the same manner as brick & mortar shops, TAXATION-WISE, state-by-state. Equality. Additionally, a knowable national standard allows these mom and pop shops to compete with the national big boys by associating with similar shops *and* -- effectively -- offering national sales, too, with home delivery, etc., with municipal taxes preempted. Simplicity. Selling products nationally through such an association or cooperative, whatever, changes the dynamic a bit in favor of local shops in a wide range of communities -- especially those outside big, urban centers. Delivery and pickup practically anywhere in America changes the distribution and employment dynamic that, at present, heavily favors the Big Box or Online giants and harms local shops. Right? A Trump emphasis is competition across state lines, correct? Along with trying to benefit Main Street local businesss, correct? There you go.
TK: If the argument is that the online tax scheme puts online stores on equal footing as the mom and pop brick & mortar Main St businesses then I don't see . . . . It isn't about putting online folks on equal footing. My argument is that it puts the mom and pop, brick & mortar Main St businesses on equal footing with online entities by (1) simplifying everything *and* (2) requiring similar taxes. That's two advances, is it not? Add the elimination of municipal taxes and that is three advances for X number of Main Street businesses. Is this not true?
Okay, Messi is on, and I know a certain friend is going to quiz me about this damn match. Just a couple more comments. * * * Stephanie, I remain completely intrigued by those Landing Teams. They chose that name purposefully, bet your bottom dollar on that. And I suspect they've been hard at work. Most people around the country probably don't know much about Governor Rick Scott in Florida and his very libertarian mindset. I think it has informed some of Trump's approach. Rick Scott has had to battle the behemoth of state government in Florida. I have many, many friends who no-likey Rick Scott. His inability to achieve, in two terms, what he would like to have achieved has probably helped those Landing Teams (and Donald Trump) understand the problem of government as Leviathan. So, Trump has now proved to us that he doesn't bluff. He clearly wants to reign in government as Leviathan. That means . . . this man is going to be a revolutionary President. Plus, he's more skilled, more experienced than Rick Scott. Those Landing Teams are Soldiers who are still on the job, inside and outside of government. I can't wait to see what they come up with.
Y'all certainly know I'm never giving up the 4D mantra.
Hmmmmmmm . . . OODA: for when i wanna kill shit. I like that, KK. I would just say, instead, for the realm of politics: OODA: for when i wanna convert, trap, or kill shit.
JiB, he's operating in a political world with political rules that respond to political plays. Period. You get that, right? I've said he's heavily influenced by SWOT on trade and business, etc. We aren't in disagreement, it seems to me. In the applicable hierarchy, after the SWOT anaylysis is conducted, politics drives this train. The OODA Loop is what allows him to operate in a *seemingly* chaotic fashion . . . but that's just an illusion. 4D chess, baby bubba, 4D chess !!!
Stephanie remembers !!!
You're looking at it backwards, TK. Aren't you?
So many of these kids don't know what good eatin' or good livin' is, Tom R. They haven't figured out man is not perfectible and you won't live forever, nor should you *want* to do so. Now pass me them peanuts and that Co-Cola.
Sounds like Lindsey has awakened and smelled the coffee. Marco, too.
You're barking up the right tree, OL, but I don't think it will go down like that. Municipalities will be eliminated from the equation. This will be strictly between the State and the Federal Government. The State will then have the option of apportioning those funds as they see fit. After all, municipalities are mere creations of the State. Perhaps 80% to the State and 20% to the Feds, or 90 / 10, something like that.
It's a signal, jimmyk, that things are about to change (a re-set back to normality) and . . . it may also be a bigtime signal that Kennedy really *is* going to step down.
Henry, we'll use our difference on this issue as a marker and revisit it later. You may be right, I may be right. But I think the President is on my side here. I *know* Justice Thomas is, and I give my greatest deference on the Supreme Court to Justice Thomas. I'd be willing to bet you a cold RC Cola with some peanuts dropped in that Congress is going to take the hint and will take appropriate action. The technological revolution demands such. * * * Very late to the party here but isn't this decision by SCOTUS more than favoring Main Street and Malls but whack on the political knuckles of Silicon Valley and Seattle? I'll bet Bezo's will delay the Amazon2 HQ site selection as a result. RG, Did my master's at AFIT where one of our seminar sessions was on the OODA Loop. In my opinion, Trump employs SWOT Analysis more than OODA since he loves to bait reactions that only strengthen his initial positions. SWOT is used more in negotiations, business planning, competitor analysis and public transactions like bidding and contracting more than OODA loop metrics. In that seminar session, we also did a 2 week colloquay and presentation on his Energy-maneuverability theory which is used in fighter and bomber aircraft design for optimal performance. The guy was more than a fighter pilot he was also, before he passed away, the chief planning architect for Desert Storm, having been called back out of retirement by Dick Cheney. But, hell I could be wrong. YMMV. Posted by: Jack is Back! | June 21, 2018 at 12:08 PM Yeah, JiB, I have no doubt whatsoever SWOT is a *major* component of what he and his team are doing (I think Peter Thiel is tremendously important to Trump) because business / trade, etc., is his major focus . . . but for politics and dealing with the lobbyists, the Congressmen, the Democrats -- it's the OODA Loop. I actually see SWOT as a specialized variation or subcomponent of the OODA Loop. *Every* major action they take (OBSERVE) (ORIENT) (DETECT) has a response (DETECT) (ACT) that is strategically commanded based upon *his* objectives. No action is taken that doesn't theoretically advance *his* objectives. The advance may serve simply to render neutral their preferred narrative but it is especially good when he can, for instance, counter their effort to deflect attention from this OIG report and FEROCIOUSLY double-down on the pain they are suffering. That's what just happened with the separation hysteria, and it's a thing of beauty to observe.
Henry, my goodness. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wouldn't be pushing this decision. NFIB would be complimenting this decision. That is, and those are, Main Street businesses. And Trump just talked to them, with big cheers. I think y'all are overreacting. Gorsuch and Thomas being in the majority, with concurring opinions -- right? -- says this is not a bad decision.
No one agrees with Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch? Posted by: Extraneus | June 21, 2018 at 11:28 AM They (it seems to me) are responding emotionally. Otherwise, they'd never initially be rolling with BREYER, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN. There's likely much more to this decision, and the majority of that "much more" is a deference to states combined with a deference to Congress to address the issues that arise from this new technology. That's the way it looks to me, at least. And that U.S. Chamber of Commerce cabal will be taking a serious hit with the continuing disclosures of them working against average Americans.
MM, I'd say the status quo prior to this decision hurt Mom and Pop businesses and favored the new. I've heard them argue it often. A brick-and-mortar like Walmart already has to do this; now, so will Amazon. Again, we need to stop looking for the Courts to be primary. This was always an issue that should be dealt with in the branch that is first among equals and closest to the people: Congress.
Yes, there's absolutely a chance henry. Trump certainly sent a signal with his Amazon / Bezos commentary. He may have something up his sleeve. * * * Back to the topic of this post: my goodness, TM, this is a fascinating line: Once again, those who over-invested in defending Trump's former approach experience whiplash. TM . . . you rascal, are you baiting me with that line ??? Over-invested? Whiplash? Do tell.