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Ravenz Tarot
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Great book! Username:ravenztarot:
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Love the fabric, ravenztarot on spoonflower
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Love the pattern much fabric to choose from!
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summer quilt or bag!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on Who wants a stack of LillyBelle? at Bari J.
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Happy 4 years!
Toggle Commented May 31, 2012 on 4 fresh-squeezed years--day 3! at i have to say...
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Rotary cutters....Roll on!
Does it have to be indust. machine? Would an older one like a singer 66 work? just curious.
I want to work my sewing and cooking blogs more, my goals are listed there, but the main one would have to be get organized and my sewing shed complete. I signed up for a sewing buddy at Whipstitch and the Style Stitches Bag Challege at Jemjam to make bags. My hope is to use the bags i make for christmas, while learning techniques and a sewing buddy to keep me moving. I also hope to make more dresses for myself, to go with I am older lets change things up a bit look. I want to make clothes I can love.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2011 on The Sew Weekly Asks: 1/3/10 at The Sew Weekly
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I love that pattern….I would love to have that dress for Christmas. I am at a stage in my life when I just got tired of being tired. Too much teens, work and life. So I cut my hair; Imagine waist length hair cut all the way to your shoulders and I think the beautician was more upset than I was. Then I started wearing a little more makeup (yep more than lip-gloss and moisturizer) and then I almost gave my family a heart attack and had them thinking of calling Mulder and Scully from the ex-files when I wore a dress. Yep a dress! for no reason! So is it just a midlife crisis that makes a mom scare her family? Or just me being me? Ohh yeah that dress at christmas with red shoes! I love your blog and snarky is good......I love sewing spaces I have the book I am still trying to set up my sewing shed I just have to move all the teen's stuff out so she will stop using it as her personal storage unit. I just keep forgetting her basic rule "whats hers is hers and what mine is hers too". 6 months then I will have my shed back if I dont go crazy making christmas before then and throw it all into dads shed with all his deer hunting stuff (eeeww)..... PS the teen suggest I give her my shed move into the man shed (yuck) so not happening. We are still in a silent black op showdown over the sewing machines!
I would love amy to create a travel/moving/living set for teens going to college like my daughter. A large duffle, makeup, purse, book tote, computer, laundry bag and shopping bag. Everything she will need for dorm life. She is crazy for what she calls "mix match sets"....
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These are too kewl. I love Them. Great Giveaway. Pick me pick me pick me!
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Feb 5, 2010