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This sounds super awesome. Knowing your influences are the likes of Gaiman and Scalzi I have a feeling this will be fun readin's =-D
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Normally, when something is offered for free online that I enjoy, and a donation asked in kind, usually to the site I'm reading, I ignore it. I download the material, and I'm on my merry way. But, for some reason, I felt obliged to donate in this case. Part of me feels like I did it because Wil and John asked so nicely, because they were so very nonchalant, in saying "It's only five bucks, if you can spare it, Thank You So Much, if not, please enjoy the book anyway". Another part, is the fact that I feel this sort of connection. To all of us. We geeks and nerds who are uniting under this banner held up by guys like Wil and Adam Savage. All the famous nerds out there, who are making it cool to geek out over your favorite thing. For a small part of me, it felt like a friend just asking for a five, "Damn, I forgot my wallet, can you grab this?" It's an odd thing this internet. I feel like I have hundreds of friends, through Twitter and websites and the like, I've never even met yet we have our own inside jokes, our own references. (Incamous Clown Sweater is my Weird Al cover band =-D ) We can make jokes no one we know in in person will get, but if we post it online, we'll get a few "that's frakkin awesome!"'s and handful of "WIN!". And it feels good. No matter how much confidence has grown since I was a 12 year old, and now 26 and much more confident in my own skin, it still feels good to feel like you fit in somewhere. So here's to you Wil, John, and everyone who made this book possible, I tip my hat that you use your powers of awesome for the good of Lupus research and having given our people a voice.
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You know what some of the best parts of your blogs are Wil? The fact that you actually read and respond to as many comments as, I'm assuming, your schedule will allow. That is just awesome to me. That you're just a regular, talented guy, who happened to be part of one of the biggest franchises ever, and has turned that opportunity into your own little geek empire, we nerd-lings here now serve under. I salute you and your good fortune sir. =-D
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Jun 3, 2010