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Nice. As always I tend to look at extremes to see if a theory stands up. Heres a few thoughts. Creation of Universe = ultimate good = god. However being able to create in this universe means ultimate good hasn't been achieved = no god. Or there was a God (or perfect order) but is being eroded by entropy = evil. Therfore entropy must have been built into the perfect order, therefore for good to exist, there must also be evil. Question arises, to create order (good) we must use energy (increase entropy = evil) therefore to create we must use evil. In your example, we eat. We must use evil to create good, we should therefore minimise evil and maximise good, but we can't escape from it. If I create a nuclear bomb and use it, this is evil. If I create a nuclear bomb and don't use it, is this good? Not sure about that one, I bet most people aren't. If I threaten with it and stop wars, this is good? Thats a case of using evil = power? Seems to hold water. What about the end of the universe? Is this an entropic end = evil or will it be in a perfect order = good/god? Or some place in between.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on On the nature of good and evil at Life Worth Living
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Mar 24, 2010