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"I'd rather just hear him call the game and throw in some of his inside info now and then..." Interesting name for "homerisms". ;^) Surprised to hear the earlier poster say Sonny needs to go -- he's still very sharp and seems singularly plugged into the franchise. That said, if there's any interest, I'd love to see them put JoeyT into the booth with Jurgensen and see how that combo worked. Doc doesn't seem to add more than any other armchair quarterback. Not really excited about his increased role last year. The Skins are nearly unique in that have an option with an exceptionally long resume (Theismann); wish they'd try to use him while they can. And I'll say it -- Sam was years past his prime, potentially even a consistent level of competence, but man he was "colorful". I'll both miss and not miss him fervently!
Just for future reference, titling a post "plays hoops" when someone is actually playing horse is an abuse of a synecdoche. But fine, you got me to click to see how Griffin could be so daggum mobile already, so there's that.
Well said. If the Mike Wise Twitter hoax teaches us anything... Not a Wise fan in general, but I did enjoy that media manipulation.
Can we chose to stand on our use of blackjack terminology? I'm tired of sports media doubling down on doubling down. Otherwise interesting. Game 13, indeed. Let's see how Morris is doing then. (Hopefully fine.)
Because I can't loan them (with rare exceptions)... I'm not sure about strict licensing here, but what I think is overlooked is that you can now loan out your entire bookshelf at once with an eBook reader. If I've got 120 books on my Kindle and let my friend borrow my Kindle, well, isn't there at least a practical improvement? Perhaps that's a civilly disobedient activity, but in some ways it's also a score for sharing.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
COPYEDITOR!!! Wow. Proofread, Jen X.
"run faster out of the cut than he did going into it" Why can't they just say, "He cuts quickly, and has great 5-yard dash speed, and that's what's really important in our running game." That's a lot more honest than pretending Morris can defy physics.
Thank you, Mr. Greenspan. That said, if there's one thing Skins fans should realize, it really is "all about Griffin" before it's about anyone else. The QB is a gatekeeper. If you don't have a QB, so little of your team really matters. Until you get to a Brad Johnson level quarterback, with very few exceptions, having no offensive general kills the team. This team has had good talent on the o-line and defense, certainly, in the past, and it's worthless without a QB. I mean, that QBs mean success so obvious as to nearly be a platitude, but Washington is the proof case that the QB position unlocks the possibility of meaningful success. How much of having a good QB is coaching, I'm not sure, but a great coach with no QB is a fired coach.
You mean other than physics? Griffin running full bore getting smacked by someone generally running towards him is bad. Getting tackled when you're tense is worse as well; the shock doesn't dissipate like it does when you're relaxed. Look, I get the point -- football hurts. If the run is there, take it. But no more dangerous than getting sacked? Doesn't pass the smell test.
If Cooley's on the roster, as El-Bashir already pointed out in question 19, there's a backup plan: "[Cooley stays] not only for sentimental reasons; Cooley is also a safety blanket." If CC's on the roster without a paycut, you'd better believe pot's a factor. Not sure why you'd repost Shanahan's statement as if he meant precisely what he said. He's smarter, and deserves more credit than that [and this is a pretty low bar situation].
Enjoying the freebies. I'd already read the first Hollows book during its freebie period, but I recently "discovered" Deon Meyers with a free eBook, then bought and read his next book the day it arrived. The free hit works. The only issue for these promotions is that, in this case, I've got, what, three used books in the series between the freebie and the current release if I bite... If you want the money going to Eos and not the USPS/Amazon, it might make sense to deeply discount #2-4 as well? For $4-5, I get the "real" thing shipped and save $2-3 a pop over the eBooks. And shipping also means I'm probably not to #5 in time for the launch. Btw, loved the enhanced eBook for Black Magic Sanction. Hope that trend keeps up for hardback releases. And these freebies are great infomercials for the author. Thanks.
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May 13, 2010