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Hi Wil. I'm looking forward to ordering Memories of the Future, TiVoing The Big Bang Theory, and seeing you live at W00tstock on the 19th. ok - back to work for me...
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*shewhobeatsass* that is now my google-talk icon. I'm sure someone I chat with will wonder what the hell it means. but that only makes it more awesome, when they ask and I can tell them to go buy the book :D
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Last night, I say to my wife: "I know I ordered a softcover copy last month, but I'm going to try to get a signed, hardcover edition of Wil Wheaton's new book when it goes on sale tomorrow." Her reply: "Well I'm not going to stop you since I bought a hardcover copy of 'Tricky Business' signed by Dave Barry to replace my perfectly good hardcover copy of 'Tricky Business'." I'm so glad she gets it. :) So then, as I was reading to my 3-year-old a few minutes ago, I looked up at the clock and realized the book's been on sale for an hour. "Oh Noes!' I thought to myself, "I hope everyone else on teh intarwebs isn't clogging my tubes with orders for the book... I want one too!!" My order just went through, so it looks like I'll have one in time for my birthday. Yay! Thanks Wil!
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