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Robert Hutt
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Burke has certainly jumped into the fray, although bluster just doesn't get it done. It must be very difficult to play in front of the Toronto fans - great expectations and notoriety if you don't produce. The Toronto press corps all of whom seem more capable than 'Burkie' or Wilson put a great deal of this pressure on the team because most of the 'Leaf Nation' don't get into the games, so what they read in the papers and watch on sports news programs is supposed to by the 'skinny'. Forget it. The buildup Leaf trades bring into Toronto, more often than not, doesn't match the output in a blue and white uniform. Toronto badly needs a coach with the creative talent to put this collection of not bad players into the team mode that can be interesting to watch.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Two Sides of Brian Burke at The Spin
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Sep 22, 2010