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So was Tim Harris just there as a "spectator" then? Supposedly he is not supposed to have anything to do with the football team. Is there any conflict of interest there? I realize if these are open scrimmages that anyone is allowed to view but still there seems to be possible iffy behavior in the "unofficial" manner.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2008 on UM assistants on recruiting tour at Eye on the U
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I am a die hard Cane fan but I would just like to clear this up because too many people make uninformed assumptions about UF. Florida is a top notch State Public University with very strict admission standards (most HS graduates do not get in-very selective). I If a kid doesn't have the grades to get into Miami then you can be assured he does not have the grades to be admitted into Gainesville. There is a reason UF ranks even higher than Miami in US News annual College and University Rankings.
And lets not bad mouth Patchan. He is an 18 year old who just made a very important decision and never came out in public and said I am a Miami Hurricane. If you want to comment that he should never have called the team out after the UVA game then that is a different story because he apparently will not be joining them to help clean the mess up.
Also to another poster- Kyle Wright will be on an NFL Roster next season as he still has tools and talent that scouts like. Drafted probably not but a free agent signing indeed
Hello, First time posting on Shandel's blog: I do not believe the RB position lacks depth granted I'd like to see the Canes pickup a commitment from Harper. And to a previous comment, yes, Gainesville does have a lot of talent in the co-ed department but they do have a student body of 45,000 for christ's sake