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As a Program Manager for major systems development, my approach to avoid "gold plating" or "requirements creep" is to recognize and document potential enhancements, but postpone them until a later phase, spin, increment, or delivery. Software should be done the same way. Build the basic capability, verify it works, and then add more to it. Dr Silver
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2010 on Gold Plating at Coding Horror
Arm rests on a chair can be VERY important ... A few years ago, I was submitting an order for some lab equipment, and I was told I had to get a lab stool with arm rests ... because the guy that was going to use the chair would sit and ponder a problem ... and then forget he was on a stool, lean over to rest on the arm rests, and when he did this on stools with no arm rests, he actually fell off the stool! ... The scary part is this is really true! Bryan
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Sep 19, 2010