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Robert L. Byrne
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Dear Mr. Compagnone, There must be a typo in your post. Is it really possible that the union would have accepted a two year contract that would have cost the City of Rye only $35,000? Assuming 20 officers, that works out to two lump sum, annual, non-compounded payments of $875 to each bargaining unit member! Did you submit this extraordinarily modest proposal to an arbitration panel? Has your membership sought your removal? As a taxpayer, I'm shocked, shocked that this deal wasn't accepted by my elected representatives.
"Above Average Citizen" My opinion would depend on information regarding the lawsuit. Right now I have no information other than your sketchy outline. Both men will defend their behavior, and should enjoy a presumption of innocence. But my criticism concerned an abuse of trust, repeated improper labor practices, and needless and expensive FOIL requests. P.S. Why the anonymity?
Some in Rye credited Bill Connors' most vocal critic, former PBA Pres. T. Chittenden, as a viable candidate for public office. Now his posturing is revealed for what it was: self-serving opportunism.
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Feb 4, 2010