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My 2 cents..for what it's worth (which really may not even be 2 cents): I am a Christian. I didn't go to CFA on whatever day that "eat in" was at all. My sister is a part of the LGBT community and married her (now wife) last year on Oct 1st...I participated in the ceremony (I was her matron of honor) and have always supported her. I responded to Wil's tweet as disagreeing with what he was saying based on the fact that I didn't like those Mayors saying they would Ban CFA from "their" cities. That's just wrong. All that being said. It's highly likely that at some point in the future I will eat at CFA. Mainly because I don't really base my patronage at ANY business on political, religious, or any other beliefs...I base my patronage simply on whether the product is good or not.
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Well, I guess now I have to catch up on my Leverage and start watching that to get my Wil Wheaton fix... :) I was a so-so fan of Eureka before you were on it. I watched when I had the chance, but didn't make time. Since you started I had to go back and buy all the seasons on Itunes in order to catch up so I could watch your episodes when they came out. It's an awesome show and I'm so sad that it's ending. Can't wait to see what's next for Wil! :)
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That chicken blog was hilarious. Your brother's "writer voice" sounds a like you.:) I'll definitely follow him more in the future. His images are beautiful.
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As a single mom of 4 yr old triplets I actually look forward to sitting in's usually the only time I have to myself to just sit and reflect or zone out and not worry about anything. :)
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Wil, I love reading these stories about your kids. It gives me hope that there are still good guys out there. I have 4 yr old triplets and my husband died a year ago from cancer and I just hope that I will be able to find a guy like you that will be as good with my kids as you are with Ryan and Nolan. Thank you for your stories.
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Mar 18, 2011