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Coincidentally, Pee Wee's Big Adventure is playing at 9:30 every night through July 3 here in Denver at the Denver Film Center.
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This is Amazon wanting the best of both worlds. Yes, many other retailers print their own books. However, they're sold only in their own stores, not at other retailers. In addition, and most dastardly, Amazon is trying to use other independent businesses to reap the benefits of having a physical location. Things such as author signings, in person promotions are benefits of having a physical storefront. In this case, Amazon is trying to arrange to grow their own sales without having to incur the expense of having their own store. This is exactly why they have severed links with affiliates in many states - they want neither the responsibility of dealing with sales tax or of maintaining a presence in a state. Not only are they able to undercut competitors due to the advantage of not charging full taxes like their physical, local competitors, they're now trying to use their competitors to their own advantage. And all this while saying "What, we don't understand your problem?" In this way, they're actually much MUCH more dastardly than Wal-Mart ever has been.
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Jun 23, 2011