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Rebecca Ruch
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I just recently joined a guild. My work had kept me away from home for months, so it just wasn't something I thought I could contribute much time to. My work schedule has changed so I joined the local Modern Quilt Guild. Before that, I had joined up with the local chapter of Quilts for Kids, which is a great way to connect with your local quilting community. I've also managed to convert a couple friends from sewers, casual or otherwise, to quilters. That is possibly the best part.
The best thing I made for someone else was a wedding dress. It wasn't my best work, and I could do a much better job with my current skills. I think it was the best because it was a gift for her special day.
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I usually keep my hand-work to a minimum. Although, when it comes time to finish the binding on a quilt, I break out the needle, thread and some good television. Hand stitching or knitting while watching television makes me feel not quite as guilty about sitting around watching television. I'm able to occupy my hands and my mind.
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My Barbie had clothing made my me. Terrible things that didn't have hems and snaps that were sewn with entirely too much thread. I must have made the simple, strapless bodice enough times to wear out the single pattern I had. Barbie was also the proud owner of a rabbit fur coat made by my granma. A full length coat in black with a short collar in white. It wasn't lined, but Barbie never complained.
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Apr 1, 2011