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"...while they harm the Supreme Court justices with some "nuclear files" -- it's not clear how." Patently false statement regarding an intent that does not exist---they simply named the files after the Justices. "six-month plea bargain" IF Swartz pled GUILTY to 13 felony counts--are you one of those drugging down at the hotel because your mind appears warped? Banned from computers and tainted for life OH WOW what a deal! A good and productive citizen who advocates for the little guy should be ruined because of his intent to make the world better!!! YOU ARE NOT A CREDIBLE SOURCE OF THE ACTUAL FACTS!! Further no sentence or determination should be coming from the USDC of Massachusetts where routinely the staff of that court and sleazy outside attorneys use computers PROVIDED BY THE TAX PAYER to obstruct justice, render bogus documents, render bogus judgments and essentially routinely break in the most egregious manner possible the very law that you state is good. Tell Ortiz to focus on the real criminals right under her nose!!!
Um Mr. John Q. Public re your patently incorrect statement "That you have failed so far suggests that members of the Congress believe that their constituents -- We, the People -- don't want anything changed." The corrupt Congress does nothing to correct the VERY Corrupt US Courts; they habitually ignore presentations by Americans regarding the fraud and federal law violations that are carried by tax paid public servants in these courts, by the sham Circuit Executive Offices and by the Administrative Offices of the US Courts. Dereliction of duty by the US Congress does not determine the will of the people. SAVE MONEY AND CLOSE ALL THE LOWER COURTS - THEY ARE MOB FAMILIES VIOLATING THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS. THEY STEAL LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY THROUGH COURT DOCUMENTS RENDERED WITH PATENTLY FALSE STATEMENTS, PERVERSION OF LAW AND FACT, AND PURPOSEFUL DENIAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.
“We, all of us, have a duty to fix this. To repair this. To make it better. We lawyers in particular have that duty. And we make it better by practicing it better. By practicing the law of real people, and through that practice, making that law better." You need retaliation protection. The corruption is out of control and good people close their eyes and turn their heads. The regular Joe is habitually subjected to perversion of law, illegitimate judgments and actual theft of property through a corrupt legal system. The Clerks in the US Courts are not Senate confirmed life long public servants yet they seem to run the game quite corruptly without fear of consequence; collusion with court staff including quid pro quo with "insider" attorneys who can do no wrong is common place. Rights are violated and citizens are actually abused in a process that they were set up to lose from the start--that would be the civil side. The criminal side is sham assisted counsel for the poor where once well off high profile criminal defendants who have depleted their resources are allowed to retain their ordinarily high priced attorneys at the public defender rate and tax payer expense. Competency is a joke where defendants go into the psychiatric system under the ruse of restoration under the care of alleged corrupt psychiatrist and with the help of Big Pharma these defendants are actually rendered incompetent or impaired where a guilty plea can be easily coerced. Forensic commitment or civil commitment follows and this is nothing less than kidnapping. Our justice system is a National Disgrace and any attorney who wants to scrap the surface of a very thick scab with a festering wound below is hero. Please engage your colleagues and the bar itself needs to go to the legislature and state, "We hate to admit this but we need law to ensure that no attorney even thinks about the abandonment of the principles that govern this profession; we need law for retaliation protection so honest attorneys can root out the less than stellar without fear of consequence." If our courts are not repaired our country will fail and our courts will never be repaired without action by a mass of honest attorneys. A clean court is like a self-cleaning oven; a self-cleaning oven melts grime. Corruption is grime and it has infiltrated the quality of life of the American people; the grime is taking over! Did you ever see the movie "The Blob"? Metaphorically speaking that huge giant amoeba-like alien that terrorized a small community is corruption and it is expanding in territory takeover.
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Jun 18, 2012