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quoting Pam: "The judge is saying that both sides have gotten plenty of media coverage. He agrees that the more media attention Rifqa gets, the less safe she is. " Pam, can you explain a little? what did the judge mean by this? On the surface it seems like the judge is very aware what this case means, and the true danger to Rifqa. Most of the time, wouldn't it be the other way around, the more visible someone is, the safer they are?
I have always had mixed feelings about the death penalty, but once and awhile, one comes across a case where I would gladly pull the switch. And this is one of them.
"I love NY even more w/o the WTC" What the hell is that about? What was his point? Regardless of politics, he was GLAD people jumped to their deaths instead of burning to death?!? Yea, THAT would have really advanced his cause (whatever it might have been) I'm probably not alone in thinking we need more photos of "breasts not bombs" before I make up my mind on that one. BTW, Jew Lover had a great idea on the signs.
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From the article "....We are still interviewing Victims, witnesses and suspects..." Victims? Huh?
BTW, in the video, she is REALLY small, can't be more than 82-86 lbs, and maybe 5' but I doubt it. looked more like 13 than 17. She really, REALLY looked scared.
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In the U.S. kids are considered adults at age 18, and she turned 17 today. BTW, Channel 13's on line poll in Florida "Should she be returned to her muslim parents?" Yes 21%, No 78% Hummm, maybe folks are getting wise. Lawyer looked pretty sharp, but didn't have actual facts on honor killings at her fingertips, only vague examples that no one would pick up on, unless they were regular visitors here.
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Timu - (1) sorry not seeing the chubby in the photos, rather just three idiots talking to an American who's been serving his country, while the others make a living off their country. (2) different post on the birth certificate - wow! Just wow! I realize it's a photo of a creased copy from who knows where, but it's more than we've seen of the official hawaii birth certificate. Your photo should be plastered everywhere. Where did it come from? People Don't believe it? Then release the Hawaii vault copy. hymie zoltsveis: "half-black plague"? "...from worse people"? Don't like the guy for what he believes, not because of his DNA, I don't think we need comments like that detracting from the issue. Pamela: In the interest of research, the first of the three links to the mom photos doesn't work. Could we fix the link for the um, er, ah, common good and um, "art photo collector"? Seriously though, I imagine "they" are going to come down on you like a ton of bricks.
I see this as a good thing if played right: from the article: ""Montgomery, however, said it is "dubious" that a reasonable person would conclude from these facts that the imams were about to interfere with the crew or aircraft."" OK then, the defense can educate a jury about is-lame bring up that these imams were strong believers in their cult, and as soon as the first one gets on the stand, ask him about every problem found in the koran. Ask just how is-lame has been hijacked, ask for specific misquotes, ask for what the koran actually says, ask what is the duty of every good cult member. Ask about the life and times of their "perfect man", and how they are obligated to follow Mo's example. End the cross exam with asking about the religious duty to lie to defend the cult. With luck the defendants won't settle out of court, but will demand a trial by jury and use the cult's beliefs as a defense, will remove any doubt that " a reasonable person would conclude" that the imams were a threat. Were they "detained" or removed from the flight? Last I checked, flying on a commercial (private owned) airline is not a constitutional right is it? Diners can reserve the right to refuse service, can't airlines? By stepping into an airport and going through security, you've made a contract which includes the airlines can refuse you service for any reason they deem fit. CAIR is hoping the defendants will fold and CAIR can declare victory. Use their own lawsuit and paint is-lame as the cult that it is. This could be the "little round top" of the war going on in America today.
Achilles does have a point, women ARE the key to defeating is-lame. and it must be defeated, not just beaten back -otherwise (as history has shown) it will just come back in a couple of generations. Pam does a great job of educating us to the problem, but what are WE going to do about it? In that "better to light a candle than curse the darkness" mode, I think I'm on the right track by supporting this site, as well as the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. ( I've mentioned before over at and got beat up a bit in the comments, but, we can't bomb "those people" back to the stone age, in many ways, they are already there. So, why not a little reverse jihad of our own? These women from IEAW were trained in secret during the Taliban years, or sent out of the country, they are now going to a U.S. college or university, and have promised NOT to get married here, or stay in the U.S. after they graduate, rather, they ALL are going back to help put their country back together. - under constant threat of violence when they get there. (1) under those conditions, don't they deserve our support? (2) What better way to spend our money then training WOMEN to run the country (Afghanistan) from within? Can't get them to give up the cult that is is-lame, but it's a start - for every woman trained here and a college graduate from a U.S. secular institution, how many women will eventually get at least a 6th grad education in Afghanistan? (6th grad seeming to be the "tipping point" as being literate and speaking up for one's self) Comes down to either eliminating (killing) everyone on the other side, or convincing them that is-lame IS a cult and needs to die out. EDUCATING people at someplace other than a madrassa is the first step. What's this got to do with Iran? This problem knows no political borders, so why not start at the worst place? BTW, note earlier how Iran's monkee-boy is putting a limit on the number of women who can go to college compared to men - why? BTW, II, check out/google the founder of IEAW, Paula Nirschel - talk about lighting a candle.
My ONLY issue with his promotion is why a used Soviet weapon? Why not an American Made AR-15? I imagine the '47 had to be modified to keep it from going full auto? Was anchor lady clueless? apparently she thinks some guns are good and some guns are bad? What makes it good or bad is how it's used. In a round about way, did he get her to admit her age on National TV? Gawd did she have stoopid questions!!
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Great song, I think the best treatment I've seen for this was Disney's Fantasia 2000 and the 4 inter-related stories playing out in 1930's NYC. Great story telling with only the music speaking.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2009 on Rhapsody in an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
I want to f*cking PUKE; what is wrong with us? Have we come to the point where if there's no "bright shiny" video our MSM just doesn't care?? I have a daughter the same age as Taraneh and I cannot begin to fathom how I would feel if that woman described at the hospital (Taraneh or someone else) was my child. The president cannot be this clueless, his actions MUST be deliberate. God help us all.
Coming late to the conversation, with two observations. (1) WHY is she still thinking GOP? In may ways THEY are worse than the Dems. Isn't it time America had a real third party? Remember both the Dems and GOP were not around when this country was founded, in fact the Republcans started as a one issue party, and managed to do OK with the first person they ever ran for President (Lincoln). David Foreman (founder of Earth First!, but stay with me) once remarked in an interview with Mother Earth News on why he left the organization was that organizations have an EFFECTIVE life of 7 years - after that, they have either accomplished their goal, or never will. he used the "March of Dimes" as an example that met their goal - stamping out Polio, but rather than go away, they re-invented themselves - birth defects. GOP - got rid of slavery - OK but what the hell happened after that? Would Lincoln recognize his party today? Why not a 3rd party, based on common sense vs. a good ol' boy network? I'm thinking a bald eagle as the symbol - think of all the great political cartoons showing an eagle flying away with a donkey or elephant in their talons. Anyway, there's plenty of people in American sick to death of both parties - time for something different. Do we really think Palin will get a fare shake from either party? (2) was sitting in the airport Monday the 6th and watched Fox carry a van chase on the beltway in Houston LIVE for over 30 minutes - WHY? HOW was that National News? THAT was the most important thing happening in the entire world? We cut short this woman's speach, but can afford to follow some strong armed robber who stole a van for over half an hour? And the MSM can't figure out why they are becoming more insignificant every day.
Just Three short comments: 1. "You are a total fucking asshole." Wow, what a debater, THAT reply would sure convince me I was wrong. What ever happened to a reply based on facts? 2. ??? Has anyone ever dealt with, or know a "partial fucking asshole"? 3. I LOVE the idea that even after a round of e-mails like that, he thinks the individual on the receiving end may possibly purchase his book. LOL!
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As far as I know, Michael Jackson did not rise from the dead this weekend, Now we have to listen to his family battle over his "estate" (a negative $400,000,000?) I've seen Joe Jackson talking on at least 4 different TV channels over the past 3 days, and yet I keep missing the developments in Latin America. If not for this site and Drudge Report I wouldn't even know anything happened. I would think the position my country takes on foreign affairs would be a little more important than a impromptu reality show about one of America's most dysfunctional families. No wonder the MSM is going broke. The ONLY bright side is all the ammo for 2010 and 2012 OMG! I just realized I've had to MUTE more "Bruno" movie ads than actual news I've seen on Iran and Honduras COMBINED. What the hell is the matter with people?
Wait a minute, WAIT a minute!!! IN regards Sarastro's comment about MJ and Is-lame: I kinda wondered the same thing when MJ converted to Is-lame some time ago (anyone else remember?), I was thinking he was going to give up music (or at least the type of music that made him famous) if anything, he'd start producing that pig-squealing stuff that the former cat stevens put out. Wasn't MJ Muslim? Why didn't anyone object to an autopsy? I hear a lot of discussion about lab reports that will take 4-6 weeks - doesn't that require samples? Blood? Isn't that also against Is-lame (only a little sarcastic, I'd really like to know the "rules") Interesting in a train wreck sort of way - still a media circus that is now competing with Sanford's sex life, and not a word on Iran. In contrast, 30 seconds tops on FF's funeral arrangements - private, no media, please let is morn in peace. WORLD of difference.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2009 on Michael Jackson Farrah Iran is Dead at Atlas Shrugs
A couple of comments: Great thoughts here, but being posted on the wrong place. I got slightly beat up when I said the same thing as Pam on (San Francisco Chronical) I'm sure all of us have local web sites were we can point out at sad as death can be, he was an entertainer, nothing more, and REAL news is news that affects world events. I pointed out IRAN the Trillions being spent here at home and Korea, and compared to MJ death, what stories would still affect us in 1 5 and 10 years? Got slammed, but 60% positive rating - maybe someone pasued to think that MJ's hero worship and media coverage was taking from real events. Along the same lines, and in argeement with Moonbeam's comment on OJ - Project Censored out of Sonoma State puts out a yearly report on the most "censored" news and why - kinda left leaning, but still good insight on why stories are picked and the self-censorship in the media. MJ's death (like OJ's chase and trial) are what's called "junk food news" fills airtime, is cheap and people can't get enough, but doesn't do a thing for your mental health or inform you of events that affect your life. Another problem is "news abuse" like the poor girl Nancy Holloway in Aruba a few years ago. Yes, VERY tragic she died, and the investigation should continue, but we heard DAYS of coverage that had NOTHING new. As a good mother should, Nancy's mom admitted she was beating that media drum in order to draw attention to her daughter's case (I don't blame her) but the Media kept on it partly because Nancy was very good looking - didn't hurt that she was blond and white, with some great photos. Same thing here in the Bay Area - Media all over the Laci Petterson case; cute WHITE pregnant wife goes missing, then washes up in Susian Bay (northen half of San Francisco Bay) what you didn't hear was the OTHER pregnant woman who washed up less than a quarter mile from Laci during that same time frame, also murdered while pregnant - maybe no one noticed because she was hispanic and didn't have any photos showing how cute she was. :-( Point is broadcast media all about eye-candy. If there's no video it doesn't get covered. People standing outside the hospital AFTER MJ died - how is that news? Anyway, if we have the time to bitch about it here, "preaching to the chior" we have the time to bitch about it elsewhere among the great unwashed masses.
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Is that hand holding in the 2nd to last photo? Guess they were behind bars for a long time. White shoes, tucked in t-shirts, except for the facial hair, my gay-dar is pegged. Maybe they can't go home because they would be killed? Is that why these four were released?
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Not to laugh at the suffering of others, but does NPR even check stories? Why, when, how would Iraqi children needing medical care be doing in Yeman? Women raped? By who? If this clown stated he saw this, and it was by Americans, doesn't NPR have some obligation to actually check the accuracy of his observations?
So, When does Pvt. Long's family get his purple heart? From all accounts this certainly qualifies as wounds suffered in conflict with the enemy. Doesn't it? The fact that the president of the United States has said more about a doctor being murdered (local crime) vs. an attack on members of his military here in the U.S. is a crime in itself.
Jewlover - could you do us all a favor and follow the original thread on the Hono Paper? There, comments are running about 90% against the is-lame day. But there was one comment about both is-lame and Christianity having the "same stuff" or words to that effect - a perfect place for your list above, and I was going to post it there but...(1) would be taking credit for your work of compiling and (2) an e-mail snafu on registering will prevent me from posting until I get home tonight. Actually good to see the majority of Citizens there are just as sick about this as we are. Oh, the possibility of a vacation boycott already has their attention.
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May 7, 2009
Two schools of thought - (1) EVERYONE write the governor and as many ass-hats in the state government, being polite but explaining that they (we) will NEVER come to Hawaii as it places such a racist, hate filled cult up for honor. Be specific, no hate spewing, use facts, like Jew Lover's posting. No flaming obamma, it's off topic. Stick to why this was such a bad idea. (2) OK, let's celebrate Islam day, with as many luaus as possible, I know New Colorado Jew was being scarcastic, but if the folks there really DID sit around all day eating pork, drinking beer and laughing at the cult, maybe it would take a bit of is-lame's polish off.
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