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orange 'n green in the vein
Hollywood, CA, the make-believe land of reality!
Patiently waiting for Mark Richt to bring the Hurricane football program back to the pedestal of greatness.
Recent Activity A moron sleeps on Bruce Brown for Walker. Let's all point and laugh. My team is already favored of TSully's in Vegas before pick two.
smh Anyway Coke, he's a year younger than Sheldon was on their draft nights and is in the mold of Bruce Bowen, who has his number retired by the modern era stretch four NBA standard bearer franchise as the original 3 and D contributor to title runs, Coke. Add in the academic all ACC basketball IQ and the fact you don't have to run plays for him to have an offensive contribution on a night and you can get over the fake heights. If I'm choosing my team and I have to choose between those two, I take Davon over Sheldon every night easily.
Great news; since Davon Reed lies at 6'4" and 1/2 to be listed as 6'7", I am now proud to be announced from now on as 6'9" by the same standards of measurement. No wonder James Jones gets that 6'8" program entry in the roster sheet still . . . Ranked sixth in the nation and first in the conference in the all important Jeff Stoutland experience rankings. Smell the excitement.
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Toggle Commented May 26, 2017 on Prime Time at Canespace When you're ready to exit life after walking off the public stage for the last time I guess setting a tough bar to top with this departure is as good as any way to sayonara . . .
Posted by: RCCF | May 07, 2017 at 10:41 AM Post the last game of the fatso pyrite error then drop the keyboard. Even better another GD wonderlic test on the scoreboard, this time how many wonderlics does it take to score a touchdown every quarter and change? Anyone, anyone, GD? LMAO!
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Posted by: CoCane | April 29, 2017 at 05:39 PM Why would I give a damn what someone who knows exactly nothing about sports except what Fake Lames puts on his social media feed as talking points every morning, Coke? If it was someone who had some actual knowledge I might sweat it but instead, well; "Izzo is on the Mt. Rushmore of modern day coaches and Sparty has been as guaranteed a Sweet 16 pick as you'll find. Posted by: Go Canes! | March 13, 2017 at 06:33 PM" F'ing GD. Here's your guaranteed two game winner chump stain; LMAO @ the sid-tard sad sack. Must be a Thursday on the blob. Keep grinding it out on your leather ass here day after day in between screen name changes to try and echo chamber your points up GD, we don't have TS Mike Bradley to laugh at for relief anymore so you're picking up a ton of slack around these parts.
LMAO but but but the mass amount of wonderlicing that was given up all those losing seasons and losing games to the gold-hen girl loser for life against the primary rival dude . . . How many wonderlic points does it take to put a single point on the scoreboard in a college football game? Anybody? Anybody? GD? Must be UF's defensive coordinators fault as the only explanation! He's probably part a far reaching mi@spiracy somehow, I'm sure. And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling bloggers and fatso/doofus apologists. No sid-tard slurp crew departments in the pros. The gold-hen girl was cooked from the jump of the selection process as a result. Good riddance to smelly garbage now he can have that honeymoon with the loser who got canned four and a half seasons too late.
LOL. It's the OLines fault gold-hen girl is a loser for life. "Meanwhile, at the bottom of the list we see a couple of quarterbacks who could go in the first couple of rounds that finished with low scores. Kizer checks in at No. 13 overall with a score of 899.462. Then there's Kaaya at 866.657. To be blunt, that's a horrible score. It's not the worst one I've ever tracked, obviously, but it isn't a score of which to be proud, either. I mean, he scored lower than Leidner, who was the quarterback I expected to have the lowest score before I began the ranking simply because Leidner is a run-first quarterback. Kaaya is a pro-style quarterback playing in a pro-style offense. Again . . . I'd certainly be hesitant about using an early pick on him." Without a sid-tard department standing over the press' shoulder every moment threatening them with no more access unless they slurp up to the loser it looks like they've decided to stop pretending he can play while wearing kids' gloves for gold-hen girl's poor little ego while he fails at everything. About time.
QB Championships: Kaaya 0 Kizer 0 Trubisky 0 Mahomes 0 Watson More than zero Idc whats said. scouts look at Wonderlic 20 or below for QB is concerning Posted by: Go Canes! | April 24, 2017 at 03:58 PM GD can't quit slurping the gold-hen girl loser for life against the primary rival dude as it's the only trick he's got left in the bag now. Follow the bouncing wonderlic ball GD!
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2017 on Kings Of Spring: Part II at Canespace
LOL. O--
Dumbass V turns down the shtick by 10 or so notches for the UK broadcast of the championship game? I had no idea it was possible. Why don't ESPN handlers insist he do this for the regular season too?
LOL. (Nice pics.)
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"Do U think we overachieved this season? Do U think we'll be good enough to get past the Sweet 16 next season? Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 20, 2017 at 02:52 PM" Preseason ACC poll had them 9th. Finished . . . in a three way tie for 9th place. That's not over or underachieving. Tough to predict until the transfer game of musical chairs ends and the roster gets set what's going to happen in 2018.
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"Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 18, 2017 at 08:07 AM"
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"The should beat MSU. They will get trounced by Kansas. Posted by: BEERicane | March 12, 2017 at 08:33 PM" Considering there's no players on the roster listed taller than 6'9", it should be a blow out. As for round two, I'd normally shake my head in agreement here but we're one season removed from a middle seeded former Big East/now ACC team going on a surprise final four run so if they don't play as soft as they did against Iowa State, they'll have a chance to trade buckets with less than a minute to go with the top seed chasing that upset. Or they could let the recruiting blunder from down under shoot them right out of another game from anywhere other than the free throw line in foul extension situations as he is wont to do every time he gets minutes . . .
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"Posted by: Dude (Operating Insomniac Level 7) | March 10, 2017 at 12:14 AM" One program can change that and what not by winning their next six games in a row--
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2017 on UM's Blake James Receives Recognition at Canespace
A performance only a Fake Lames check depositor could even possibly try to love. Izundu, Murphy, Reed, Brown, Newton is the best five. Get the ball to Izundu on the block and spot up off of that when the opponent doubles down on him. Huell, Lawrence and the recruiting blunder from down under can play zone to hide the midget as bench replacements and maybe you get the miracle to survive to the second weekend if the #1 or #2 seed gets caught napping in the second round. Brown needs at least another year to develop a reliable crossover pull-up jumper because he can't get to the lane against better competition unless they're missing their answer to sic on him defensively and they're forced to miss-match him dribbling the rock.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2017 on UM's Blake James Receives Recognition at Canespace
And cut into the GD's mandated sid-tard talking point spewing time on a blob? LOL. Somebody has to suck up to the ganes leftovers on the roster and it's not any fans of winning Hurricane football who'll do it so how is that supposed to work? Fan means you take pleasure in a win and displeasure in a loss of the team you are a fan of. Any attempted posturing otherwise reveals the imbecile nature of the sid-tard in the wild.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2017 on Ask What Brown Can Do For U at Canespace
/\/\/\ Correction, over on 14 1/2 points. That means it's truly a great day to be a Miami Hurricane or some crap.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2017 on UM Baseball's Fan Fest is Fantastic! at Canespace
Posted by: BEERicane | February 11, 2017 at 04:02 PM You forgot the part where I took him at 15 1/2 points on the over, but other than that. Yes.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2017 on UM Baseball's Fan Fest is Fantastic! at Canespace
And Murphy with the brick right on schedule. He should play football.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2017 on UM Baseball's Fan Fest is Fantastic! at Canespace
They had five a game last year, yes?
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2017 on UM Baseball's Fan Fest is Fantastic! at Canespace