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orange 'n green in the vein
Hollywood, CA, the make-believe land of reality!
Patiently waiting for the man bring the Hurricane football program back to the pedestal of greatness.
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Rump is there to teach the chuck at the line that makes you smell ozone as the cte sets in from it. I expect him to earn his keep, unlike TS/GD as usual. Tucker flusher, fatso really knew how to reel in the nobodies who can't play a lick. Smarks 2017 to the rescue.
Jeff Bowden. At least the scout team this year is only going to be spare UM quiditch squad platoon fodder with all the goldhen girl choked out chicken's departures so if this is Miami's remake of that only hilarious because it happened to felonious sex-assault university production, Smark junior won't be ruining actual scholarship roster parts for the time being while dad gets the belt ready to whip some sense into his kid...
Good no call at the end imo... Now for some heavy lifting.
Pur the elbow directly pointing toward the floor and aim over the rim next time 23...
Whatever The Pimp said at half, bottle it.
Dixon is drawing up a play to force that 3rd foul on Tonye in this timeout, guaranteed.
Lol, Mac hit a buzzer beater finger roll 3 to close the half, 19 feet to the rim in no dribbles.
Panthers have eight more total rebounds, five net offensive compared to Miami, and Rodriguez is the best player so far on the court tonight for them. .. I know 23 is in foul trouble in the first half but this is excessive already for a team failure.
Easily the worst first half of basketball by this team so far. We'll see if The Pimp can close the effort gap for the team playing down to the opposition after half...
I have just the coin to use, allow my party chair to remove it from their sleeve for the tiebreaking to commence...
I, like Trump, demand a recaucas.
I like Jim Morris.
Mike Nattille actually was a cousin or nephew to Ricky if I'm recalling the Nattille family tree correctly, can't recall exactly which, Ricky's mom was my elementary school custodian when he got blown out by the Redskins in 88 I want to say since I remember calling that Super Bowl winner correctly and most of all the other eight year old kids couldn't lay off the sentimental pick of our janitors kid at the time. Mike was on my soccer team in the early 90's but we repped even smaller town Archer for that. The best football player on my high school's team spent all third period physics class trying to convince me Mike basically coasted on his family tree to regional recognition the day of their division rivalry game but I wasn't buying. Nattille outplayed our school's star but his team took the loss that day, Jedd Fisch was my school's DC that season, When it came time for college choices our school's player went to SMU where they had a 0-12 season shortly after under Phil Bennett, Mike went to UF and got to play one year for Spurrier and the rest for the Zooker, winner there was my old midfielder teammate decisively.
Mike, I went to middle school at Newberry and my younger brother graduated high school there. Last player to do anything out of there was Mike Nattille in 1999, his brother Ricky was one of the three Amigos for Elway in the 80s. Small population football classification, marginal prospects.
Another of those complete efforts on both sides of the court is just what The Pimp ordered. Have to avoid getting into an alley brawl with a team who will have an edge in starting pg individual assignments and a disadvantage down the rest of the roster to a man. Maybe the home crowd decides to cheer from the tip and even arrive for the game for once too but usually BUC crowds are lukewarm until there's a double digit lead and it's the second half again this season so can't count on that.
So did the preseason media two years in a row running, fatso and the goldhen girls laid rotten eggs.
Just the way you draw it up Pimp...
Why yes CR, Smart Mark doesn't walk on water, or else he'd still be at Georgia.
Newton edges Mac's 9 points only half for Um's best player of the first 20...
More transfers out from the 2012 collection of goldhen girls to the 2014 set of losers will be continued to be welcome. Any space freed up not used by early entry recruits in 2017 can be safely parlayed into more of the same in the 2018 solar year but can continue to count toward 2017's signing class. Blob is an eccercise of useless navel gaseing to chronicling a feature according to the TS/GD's of sock-puppetry as opposed to bug in the pyrite ROE at Miami. 2017 signing day can't land smarks fast enough...
A "like the coaches" quote would have told me the high school adolescent knew nothing about winning football or sniffing out a streaming steaming line of lies being blown up their ass just four months ago. Now it connotes the adolescent in high school does both exactly the opposite, goldhen girls need no longer apply thankfully.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Hurricanes Put Notre Lame To Shame at Canespace
CR, I muted the dumbass during the open but that's interesting he harped on that, it was a layup line due to the hot three point shooting in major part I thought. Once the lucky charm spokespeople had to close everything as aggressively as possible because of Lawrence going unconscious it was going to be tough to defend the shot fake and drive from the better guards on the hurricanes once the kickout pass found somebody out there.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Hurricanes Put Notre Lame To Shame at Canespace
Va, what do you make of snake Stabler showing long term cte when they looked at his brain and spinal cord? The more they continue to add to the casework the more I think the face masks will have to come off again if the sport is going to exist in 25 years imo.
5/10, too lazy to shop dead joker and Donnie darko's name out but you'll spend all that time blending the face? Guy played high school ball in retirement home Naples, why even bother?
But it worked 'miracles' at temple Sinister, just like bill Cosby did putting women to sleep there for years...