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all of this sounds good. but my problem with HTC is this. what's the point of having these good features in the phone, and then retrict us from using it fresh out the box? all the other things that we had to root the EVO for in the first place just to get the good stuff seemed fun. but for others who do want the phone for its fully integrated features and DON'T want to root their phone would be left out. if you're gonna put a feature in the phone and NOT allow it..then dont do it at all
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i rooted my EVO and i bought the full hdmi app to see if it works. and it does. the Only problem i had was watching youTube videos with it. everytime i try to play a video the screen flickers and the picture becomes distorted on my HDtv. why does that happen?
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i too own an EVO! everyone else i talk to are always amazed when i brag about how great the phone is....but that's because its THAT good! :) #teamEVO4G
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yeah i was wondering the same thing, although the specs ARE impressive
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sounds kool. this idea of making the EVO community bigger internationally only enhances the love of EVO even more. im not mad at it being in France before us, though. and even if it wasnt we would still be waiting in a few months to get the phone. ya gotta respect the Euros though...they have an interesting knowledge in gadgets as much as we do!
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on HTC EVO 3D to be released in France at Good and EVO
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Mar 30, 2011