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Everett Reilly
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My wife says...Honey lets join a D&D group. I say "But I haven't played that since Jr. high...: "Come on it'll be fun!" she says... We hook up with a group play for a few weeks... I am a 4th level magic user with a my other 4th level companions, a fighter, a thief (my wife) and a cleric. We are in a castle that is getting sieged by a small army of random evil dudes that has a Red Dragon helping it break down the battlements to get to the nugutty good stuff. I say to my cohorts...Don't worry, I've got this! I stroll out to the field of battle and get the Dragons undivided attention. Our GM says "Strombol the Red Dragon finds you amusing. What do you do Jack? What do you do?" I look confidently at the Game Master and say in a bold voice "I cast Leomund's Secure Shelter...In his stomach." "WHAAAaat? You can't do that! That would kill the dragon!" (even though I'm a noob, even I know a dragon can't hold 900 square foot cabin in his tummy) "My point exactly" says I. "I want to cast it in his stomach, kill the dragon, scatter the army with fear and take all their gold and stuff. It's what we do." "You can't do that!" says he. Says I, "It doesn't say I can't in any of the books I read." "I am the Game Master. I say you can't!. In fact, the dragon Jurassic parks you. You are dead. I just rolled it." My cohorts were able to resurect me, but we were short of funds. I came back as a friggin' Pixie. -E
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Jun 21, 2010