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When I saw this photo I was amazed at the maths involved and the luck that everything worked out as anticipated. A fraction of a second either way and it'd be out of frame.
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I failed English every single year in high school. Primarily because I never agreed with the teachers as to symbolism or meaning in a piece of literature or poetry. Writing, like music, painting or sculpture, is an art. Art is meant to evoke emotions, and if what I get from a piece of art is different to what you get from a piece of art then it's not a case of you being wrong, or me being wrong. We're both right. As long as you can express what you found in a piece of work, and are able to back it up with relevant information from the work, then you should be given a pass mark. Even if what you think is different to what the teacher thinks. Luckily where I went to school you didn't need to pass English to graduate, and the criticism from my teachers has not stopped me from reading. I spend thousands of dollars a year on my book addiction.
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Oh man, you had my hopes up then they were dashed when you need a US cable account from specific suppliers to watch. When will these people realise that people from all over the world want to watch.
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Jun 11, 2012