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Kristine, That sounds like my kind of pressure cooker! Honestly, I probably need to witness one in action, see it to believe it, de-sensitize a little. I shall now be on the lookout for wee Italian models with handy dandy white gaskets that reveal their inner soul. Now that you mention it, I think I may have seen mention of the Roden cake! Im so tickled to have had the reminder. Thank you! xx, Molly
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Ooooh, I keep meaning to try Heidis yogurt biscuits! Thanks for the reminder -- I needed the nudge. Though truth be told, Ive subbed (plain whole milk) yogurt for the buttermilk, here, with great results. Such good stuff. And funny, the peanut butter toast. Thats a staple in our house, also :) Molly
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Betsy, I pulled a tray of chocolate chip cookies from the oven last night, well after bed time. For work, the next day. Needed to be done. And lo and behold, up shows a child, who claimed it a waste to bake fresh cookies at night! And also, that he just knew they were there, because his spidey sense was tingling :-) He earned himself a late-night cookie with that one :) I highly recommend scones for breakfast. They are just the thing. Especially if you start the night prior. Mindless, special, warm, hello: fall! xx, Molly
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What Tanya said -- I'm loving this! Though the "Yummy" square is my most favorite of all, both for its inherent adoreable factor, and because I've seen it crop up here, over the years, at least three times! Man, I'm feeling old... Carry on, then, at the pace that works. And do keep us posted. xo, Molly
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Margaret, Good question. Lately, Ive been using, of all things, atta flour, 100% whole wheat flour for Indian chapati, naan, etc. Per Wikipedia, it is high in gluten and more coarsely milled than American wholemeal flour, though mine (a huge score of a 25# bag from my local Costco) feels fairly fine, to my fingers. That said, Ive used standard whole wheat in the past (King Arthur, most commonly, their basic whole wheat, not white wheat, not pastry), and love it. I really dig the grit factor, loving the toothsome quality, almost like a good graham cracker. And I find the combination of gentle handling and ample leavening, here, makes for a finished product that is neither leaden nor dense, but light, crisp, and interesting. At least to my taste. Incidentally, 100% whole wheat is the only flower my (chocoholic) son will let me use in chocolate chip cookies, anymore, also, for much the same reason: the texture is phenomenal, sandy and nutty and wonderful, with a caramel-sweet edge that white flour cookies never achieve. (And I LOVE me my white flour cookies!) Long story short: I dont use pastry flour :) Honestly, Ive never tried it--I simply dont have room for more than two flours in my teeny-tiny kitchen, with its handful of cupboards. If you do try it, either way, Id love to hear your thoughts, and what did and didnt work for you! Oh, and also? Our book arrived!!! Wheeee!!!!!!!!!! xx, Molly
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Oh, Barb, I cant tell you how tickled I was to receive your note! If there is one thing I adore, it is the dish that can be spotted, assembled, and eaten, spit-spot. So pleased you gave it a go, and enjoyed! Thanks so much for letting me know. Oh, and also? They are very, very nice, the next days, toasted, with sharp cheddar and strong marmalade. In case there are leftovers :) xx, Molly
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Aw, thanks, Isabelle :) Just my thing, too -- not for the first time :) Best to you and yours! xx, Molly
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Kristine, Now youve got me curious! I love Claudia Roden, but am unfamiliar with her Almond Cake. Clearly, a gap in my knowledge! Thanks for the tip; off to go in search of... Oh, and on pressure cookers, so good to know. Me, Ive a lifelong fear of them, as I had one explode and burn my arms, badly, as a teen. I bought one several years ago, as Ive heard theyve improved greatly, but never got up the gumption to use it. Finally passed it on! Maybe someday... For now, those burbling oranges make my kitchen (and house) smell divine, so its all good. xx, Molly
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Thanks, Kelly. Im curious, whats your favorite dairy sub in baked goods? Ive fallen hard for coconut oil in many areas (roasted veg, especially), simply because I adore the flavor. But Ive no experience baking with it. Id love to know what youve tried, and whats worked! Best to you, Molly
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on for a monday morning at remedial eating
Ours were too!! I really didnt expect them to be. (Our potatoes were inedible.) But they were so sweet and creamy! Mmmm... You and me both, on the Monday scones. Think well do hot chocolate too, if theres a chill in the air. Made pumpkin pie yesterday. Fall, how I love thee... xx, M
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on for a monday morning at remedial eating
Loren, Good question. It would make more sense out of a circle, wouldnt it? And no reason at all you couldnt just pat out two rounds. That said, I halved my squares, then cut (with my trusty, ancient pastry scraper) each into diagonal thirds (two cuts, yielding three scones). They were not equilateral triangles, I should stress. And from a strict geometrical standpoint, probably not proper triangles at all. But: Monday morning. They did the trick :) Probably? Two dough circles make more sense. Heck, you could even go fancy and use a biscuit cutter, if you wanted to go upscale! xx, Molly
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Ann, Im intrigued! Did you take them straight from freezer to oven? Extend the bake time? By how long? Must try! Wait, first must carve out room enough in my freezer to accomodate a tray of scones... (But so worth it!) And yes, bathrobe hours, indeed :) xx, Molly
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on for a monday morning at remedial eating
Sounds perfect! I do love that about quick breads, the way that they can turn around a meal. A belated cheers to your dinner, Ellen! xx, Molly
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on for a monday morning at remedial eating
Sunday night, you'll usually find me puttering around the downstairs, late. I start after story, somewhere north of nine, and continue on until It is Done. When Done is, and what It is, varies. Ten, eleven, sometimes midnight, though by midnight, of course, we're technically into Monday. But no matter. It's all Sunday ritual. I always fail to schedule it, struggle to account for what's in the It, but I've come to recognize It as something Sunday evenings bring. And as useful, like gravity, to the week ahead. It all begins with pre-packing of three lunches, lining up boxes, queueing... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at remedial eating
Hey, thanks, Sera :) Good to hear from you! Hope youre well. Happy Fall! xx, Molly
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on not even at remedial eating
Yes indeed, those are they! Though since I first posted them, I have taken to pushing them to the very edge of done, waiting until they are bubbling and golden (even amber) through and through. Just this side of overdone = the crispest, most caramelized, most addictive (!) oat bars. IMHO :) xx, M
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2014 on not even at remedial eating
Thanks, Isabelle :) I do hope your Saturday was filled with gorgeous smells, inside and out. xx, Molly
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2014 on not even at remedial eating
A bursting orange tree, wow. That sounds absolutely luxurious. I didnt buy the boiled orange thing at all, but having made these many, many times now, Im sold. I wonder if theres pectin in the oranges that helps the whole thing work? Beats me. It just does, and I love that about these. xx, M
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2014 on not even at remedial eating
Amber, So glad you enjoy it like I do! Yes to corn in salads! I also love it over sliced tomatoes, zipped up with some fresh marjoram, feta, basic oil+vinegar. So, so good! For next summer... Thanks for the note :) xx, M
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2014 on not in my backyard at remedial eating
Aw, thanks, Katy! Best, Molly
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2014 on not even at remedial eating
I was searching through the old blog for a little something, earlier this week, and stopped mid-scroll with the giggle-fits. Seriously. Non-stop fruits and veg, without fail, for four months? I am so sorry. And don't believe it. I'm not sure how it came to pass that my last fifteen posts all involved salad. Okay, I do. We're winding down summer. Eating anything but seems a shame, when the cooking is easy, the bounty egregious, and all manner of produce, dirt-cheap. Also, I love the stuff. But an accurate reflection of our diet, our days? Pfft. Not even. I'm a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2014 at remedial eating
Well Margaret, of COURSE you would know of The Lighthouse books! I should simply make a habit of asking after your favorite books, at every age and stage :) To wit: I knew not a thing about Violet Mackerel, either! No more. The first is on order, and I cannot wait. As to the granola, I will get my act together just as soon as I can. Im afraid I threw the first batch together totally willy-nilly, a bit of this, a bit of that, and am now so smitten, I must go back and do it again, this time with pen and paper (and, alas and alack, measuring things!) in hand. It may not be right away, but I shant forget! In the meantime, FLYING PEG DOLLS!!!! So excited!! I would lovelovelove to be part of the tour, if youre looking for candidates... We are huge fans of your first book, around here. Add in spinning and moving? We will be beside ourselves. xx, Molly
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Oooh, Ill have to look into these! Thanks, Julie. I am smitten by Bradburys writing--sharp, clever, potent--even if Im totally spooked! And thanks so much for the kind words. Happy October to you! Molly
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2014 on quickly, then at remedial eating
Wow! So many of these are new to me! And I thought we had pretty much EVERYthing! Thanks, Ellen, for this teaser! I can see we have a conversation ahead of us :) xx, M
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2014 on i get it now at remedial eating
Ardys, I am waving your way! Have a wonderful stay, while you're in the area. We are having a lovely Fall -- you couldn't pick a better time. And from what I hear? Kentucky offered better tax perks than Ohio, and voila! Cincinnati airport wound up over the border :) xx, Molly
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2014 on quickly, then at remedial eating