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Wait a minute. I thought we all wanted Ireland gone. He ruffled a lot feathers as a GM. Now, he is the victim? From Dez Bryant, to Incognito (Phillin wanted him gone after he assaulted a woman at a golf club), called a fan a "A hole". OH YEA he was a horrible GM!!!!! "Child Please"! lol
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For most teams, picking Orton over Young makes sense. But this is the Tony Sparano/Jeff Ireland lead Dolphins. Meaning - run first, wildcat and ball control. Young's skill sets fit better with the type of offense we run and the wrinkles Dabol is suppose to bring. Let's be honest, Sparano would love to run the wildcat half of the game if it's successful. Dabol is suppose to use more zone blocking techniques and more intermediate pass. Basicly to make Mike Holmgren (west coast offense)happy, he converted some of the west coast offense to a coryell offense (what we ran last year) without changing the terminology. So there be more 1 step and 3 step drop backs instead of the standard 5 step and 7 step drop backs for the QB. In my opinion, the key addition that he will probably bring will be more boot-leg and rollouts on play-action plays (like a west coast offense). So having a mobile qb brings the threat to run in rollout situations, throw in a wildcat formation or create a postive run in a busted pass play. The Phins NEED V. Young and he NEED the Phins. Kyle Orton is a better passer but Young would bring a greater offensive threat than Orton. Much like Mike Vick did in Philly.
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Jul 24, 2011