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Rocky Top 2-1
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Although I havent used any excuses for the last 5 years feel free to find someone who has. Your(or should I spell that "yoir" so you can understand it) craphole fanbase is going to need them. Bring the smack talk strong or dont bother trimble
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Just to show that us VOL fans can be nice. Let us know where you will be before the game or where you will be watching the game on Saturday and we will send you a couple of cases of Fix-A-Flat to help out with moving around your trailor houses GO VOLS
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I never said I lived in Knoxville. What I did say is that I was tired of you morons coming over to our VOLS site and acting like little children and trying to run your game. Even over there some of you UF fans had to mention Miami, why is that? Yes I will be at the game as I do every year the Vols play UF. Figure out your excuses now because Saturday is almost here GO VOLS
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If it makes you feel better to say im a fake Vols fan then good for you, I could care less what you morons from UF think. When your team leaves Neyland Stadium you will be 2-1 and your QB will still be fat. GO VOLS
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Is that bloated QB of yours still rolled up at the buffet preparing for his beatdown in Knoxville Saturday? I see the UF morons are still worrying about a team they dont play. Worry more about making up the excuses you will need when you leave 2-1 GO VOLS
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Sep 16, 2010