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Nixon's visit to China 40 years ago ‘changed the world’ and received universal acclaim. Yet he was the first president ever to resign in office. Was Watergate any worse or out of character with the actions of Presidents before and after? The recent doubts, about the veracity of the book and film “All the President’s Men” are not the only problems. We also now know that selected information pertaining to the Watergate arrests were kept from the public. Why the secrecy? If we are to get at the truth we must have answers to the following questions and an open mind: Why were the culprits arrested at the THIRD attempt to break into Watergate? Some of the details are franky bizarre - at the first attempt the culprits ate at a table booked using a letter head of a company with one of Cubans as director; at the second attempt the culprits march in through the front door and signed the Watergate visitor’s book. Why did the $100 dollar bills found on the culprits have consecutive serial numbers? Why were Howard Hunt’s details in the address books of TWO of the four arrested Cubans? Was Watergate a setup with evidence pointing to the Nixon White House? What crucial information was leaked illegally by the member of the grand jury to Carl Bernstein? Once a meme that there was ‘wrong doing’ at the Nixon White House had taken root, only the very foolhardy would dare to question its premise. Why would Nixon pass the FEC Act if he was such a bad egg? Why would Nixon order the Watergate raid when he was already 26 points ahead of Senator McGovern? Did Nixon resign to protect family bible to defend? Is there another possibility that has never been investigated or suspected? Why was the press out to hound and crucify him when other guilty presidents were ‘let off’? Read about all these in ‘Watergate - The Political Assassination’, ISBN 9780956911940. Dors my hypothesis have any merit? Nixon’s sacrificial resignation was to preserve the Freedom of the Press and to prevent the country from splitting. Read “The Six Crisis” to find out more about the man.
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Aug 10, 2012