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Summer. Kinda Hot, kinda humid. I wanted something refreshing and light but filling. I wanted something tried and true and something new. I wanted something with a little complexity and a higher than average degree of difficulty. I wanted to work for it, dammit. First stop, let's see what we... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Thanks, Regina and Carolyne. It's a nice quick dish. Most quick dishes it seems are kinda loaded with fatty but tasty ingredients. I like this because it's quick and it's healthy.
Hey, sweetuh: I thought I wrapped these up last year. As our anniversary has drawn closer I've been missing you something awful. Of course. There’s something that’s been eating at me. Gnawing away slow but steady and relentless. So many... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2017 at The Book of Love
I'm taking a brief break from the surprisingly popular Cookin' for Dudes series. Mostly because every now and then I feel like gettin' all chef-y, or at least my closest approximation of it. I'd first played around with this thing a year ago and had a few things I wanted... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Okay, dudes. We're going to the sub-continent. Getting our (pseudo) India on. You know how you grill, maybe you've made a salad or two for your significant other. Let's show her(him) you have an international flair. The original to this comes from here. It's from the New York Times... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
This one ain't for the dudes even though stir fry lends itself well to dude based cooking. It's all high heat and brute force, which is pretty much how dudes grill so you'd think it's be adaptable. For whatever reason, it isn't. I think it's the way you have to... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Usually when I hear something is good for weight loss or is low cal or some such, I run like hell. Because I know I'm going to be eating some flavorless amalgam of barn sweepings and twigs. And, dude...I just can't. I didn't make this to be low calorie. It... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
(Featuring completely unsolicited advice on olive oil) The scene: it's a beautiful spring/summer day. But it's hot. Really, really hot. Despite that, you and your Best One did something outside and active. Took a run or a bike ride. A hike. Built a gazebo in your backyard. Played with your... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Long week. Multiple cities. Landed at the airport, got in the car and drove right into the teeth of Friday Rush Hour traffic. By the time I got off the freeway 30 minutes later I'd gone from a rather involved Farro and Breaded Sole thing I had in my head... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
This nearly qualifies as a "Cooking for Dudes" entry but breaks the cardinal rule...NO GRILL. So it's a regular entry. That's just the way it's gonna have to be. This is, easily, the best thing I've ever created on the grill. By a lot. And it's super simple. Behold the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Okay, dudes. You have committed to fixing your best girl breakfast. Problem is you want bacon and eggs and she wants a salad. You're cooking for her so salad it is. Still, a brother gotta eat so we're gonna get you your bacon and eggs. We're combining those two things... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
I'm going to be erratically posting on the topic of Cooking for Dudes. Because I have learned a great truth. Having this blog and posting cooking stuff on Facebook and, maybe most relevant, having been married to Jill, I've learned something that all my male brethren need to internalize...girls like... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Hardcore grillers will tell you any kind of weather is grillin' weather. I've seen my neighbor out firing up some flame in near zero temps. I'm not that brave. Leaving alone for a moment what it may imply about climate change, its April 1st. It's 62 outside. We will be... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Hot day. Want some salad. Got some shrimp. Let's do something. Let's do a nice spiced and grilled shrimp on a bed of Arugula and Fennel and Parsley. Throw in some oranges. Make a lemon vinaigrette to top it off. Fresh. Light. And, with just a little planning, fast. This... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
Seems like I know a lot of folks who are swearing off grains. While I'm not gonna be joining you on the no grains train I could certainly do better on the "everything in moderation front". Probably, I eat enough grain-based stuff I'm a line item on Archer Daniels Midland's... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2017 at Kitchen Hack
It's time to shut this thing down. It started as a way for me to get things out that were festering. And a way to share my memories of Jill. It's mutated into something else. A way to cling to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2017 at The Book of Love
A year ago this weekend, Jill got really sick. I guess she was already really sick. But...sick enough we had to get her to the hospital in a hurry. Bad weather that Friday in Florida had me grounded. I got... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2017 at The Book of Love
Minnesota, after having thought it was Seattle for the week leading up to and including Christmas (30's-40's and raining) remembered it was Minnesota and cooled off dramatically. When the weather gets cold I, not being a winter sports guy, hibernate. "Cold" is a relative term. For me, up here in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2016 at Kitchen Hack
It's getting colder at night. 52 degrees, but a Minnesota 52 that carries a whisper of winter with it. Something cold from the top of the world humming underneath the breeze. She loved this time of year. She loved nearly... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2016 at The Book of Love
This is the cruel hammer of grief, of loss. No matter how rational you try to be. How much you know it’s a losing game with no resolution but another ass kicking, you cannot stop the “maybe’s”. They linger, they... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2016 at The Book of Love
It was a hard Thanksgiving. Sure, there were a lot of really nice parts. I was home, uninterrupted by business travel, for 10 straight days. As a result, plenty of time with Erin, Kim, the little dog. Our little family.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2016 at The Book of Love
The real thing worth paying attention to here is the sauce, Tomate Frito. It has noting to do with the abomination that is the Frito. Frito, in Spanish, means fried. So when you're eating those chips, you're eating Fried. Which likely makes it the most accurately titled processed food product... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2016 at Kitchen Hack
The weather, though still unseasonably warm, is getting colder up here in Minneapolis. When that happens I kinda like things that cook slow but are still relatively easy so long as they perfume the whole house. While a slow moving sauce simmers away I'll step away, run an errand, go... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2016 at Kitchen Hack
Yesterday, I spent most of the day cooking up some Cochinita Pibil. Never having done it before, I followed the recipe rather closely. Here's the thing with any dish that centers on a pork shoulder... it makes alot of food. Leftovers are gonna happen. I decided to go breakfast with... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2016 at Kitchen Hack
Eight months ago today I still reach for you in my sleep. The song is The Book of Love. It was written by the Magnetic Fields. A couple of years ago we were at a fundraiser at Stages Theatre Company.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2016 at The Book of Love