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Think it was Interesting that this episode contained the same kind of bad writing you were so Critical of in regards to Datalore(on your podcast). The true cause of the Rage was pretty obvious from the start after seeing that same device demonstrating rage inducing properties in bees and only people present during that even were affected so kind of makes one wonder why they were seemingly searching for clues anywhere but there. Whats funny is the unrelated filler sidestory of Henry and Dr. Gaius Baltar(sorry I forgot his Eureka Character's name) was alot more cleverly written than the main plot of that episode. Thankfully the episode had some redeeming value in acting and effects so it wasn't all bad. You must had alot of fun acting that role and shooting pong balls at everything.
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Who is the Artist? Seems like alot of thought was put into this composition.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2010 on "as his kilt rises..." at WWdN: In Exile
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Floatingpencil you are considered a criminal for holding that mentality. Though With that said you only have so much money that can't be spent on all products regardless of how badly you want them so eventually you get to the point where you cant afford something so you take it, and you are not directly hurting anyone by taking it because there was no effort in replicating that product after its conception. I can't blame you either way, Internet TV is a much better format than TV if only because there is no 5 min commercial break before the cliffhanger.
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food for thought: Also about compensating creators, our (often collapsing) 'money system' does not always reward in proportion to the effort invested in a task, it is also not unified globally which often results in slave labor.(money here is worth more than there etc). I bring this up because its related to the fairness of our trade system To solve this matter I think Humanity as a whole must change its trade system to something less feudal and I doubt that will happen before the space age... Until then its like in the middle ages, Artists and Inventors are compensated by the whim and good sponsorship of patrons who can afford the charity of paying them.
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Jun 25, 2010