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Hello David, I've been following your work and ideas for some time (love World Wide Rave), and also I follow Hubspot as well. I know that you work with Hubspot a lot, and therein lies my question. Hubspot requires contact info for nearly all of their marketing kits and papers, and I know they are quite successful. What is your take on this? Either way, I know that both of you have done quite well in spreading your ideas.
David - quick question. Why are you (and I have seen others online; i.e. Copyblogger) hosting your ebooks via Google Docs? Curious. Thank you.
As I was watching the video I began to remember the studies recorded in the fantastic book "Buyology" - Martin Lindstrom. The question that pops up for me is does this video actually increase the likelihood that people will smoke? Before I get any naysayers I recommend you read "Buyology" because they have proven neuromarketing research in there showing how anti-smoking ads actually caused an increase in people's attraction to smoke. To end on a positive note, I think the video is creative and will spread.
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Apr 26, 2010