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Ex Nihilo / Joseph Dunphy
Politically Centrist, partially disabled Jewish mathematician. To return to your ring, click on the link marked "Solitude" and then the link there, because the same link has been made invisible on this page.
Interests: theatre, mathematics, cooking, photography, physics
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Posted Dec 31, 2009 at Solitude / Joseph Dunphy's blog
No, having had the (cough, cough) pleasure of dealing with users many times in the past, I think that's a terrible idea. Pot is far from harmless. It leaves the user so beyond the reach of reason and bereft of any sense of personal responsibility as to become a problem for those around him. I've met responsible social drinkers. I've never met a responsible social pot user, so I don't accept any comparison between the outlawing of marijuana usage and Prohibition. Your sipping of a Chardonnay probably won't affect anybody else's life, and so I don't tend to think of it as being anybody else's business. Your puffing of the occasional joint will, especially should you find yourself in a position of power over that other person. That, as far as I'm concerned, is the difference.
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It seemed to me to be a more positive way of getting involved in the exchange of ideas that the Internet was supposed to be about, before the backbiting and flaming took off. Not that there isn't plenty of that in blogging, too, but if one runs into an idiot in the course of blogging, a simple remedy usually presents itself - don't link to his blog or approve his comment. To have the freedom to do that, along with everybody else, is to really have the freedom to take that old piece of advice - "don't feed the trolls" - and take the discussion to a higher level. The linear blogging format saves the reader the need to climb over old material - material he may well have already seen - to get to new material, and when used in combination with a homepage and other social media, one gets something truly effective and generally pleasurable to work with, I think.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on Why did you start blogging? at Question of the Day
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