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I still don't buy this. Sherman doesn't offer any evidence for his claim, except to say "I think this is what's going to happen". If this really is the Yankees' final decision, then it's entirely baffling to me. It's knee-jerk, reactionary, short-term thinking that will absolutely bite them. After all, there's no way Hughes is as good as a starter this year as he was in the bullpen last year. He's a kid still learning to pitch in the AL East, he's not going to be sporting a 1.40 ERA. So when he inevitably struggles in the transition, as he inevitably will because every young pitcher does, what happens in 2011? Does everybody shout that Hughes is obviously a better reliever than starter? I just don't get it. Spending 3 years getting Joba ready for a full season without innings limits, and then reversing course at the last minute because Hughes turned out to be a great reliever is baffling. Hughes' development won't be hurt by starting him off in AAA this year--he can spot start if necessary, or have another late-season run in the bullpen, and still be ready to start next year. Putting Joba in the bullpen now essentially gives up on him as a starter before he had the chance to show what he can do. Putting him in AAA isn't going to help him do anything but log innings, which is what they've spent 3 years doing for him. He needs to pitch in the ML to improve at this point. I just don't get it. But then, I think Sherman's article is just more conjecture, so I still have hope for the Yankees brass.
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Mar 11, 2010