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I've been telling myself this very thing a lot lately. Write a novella? Smashwords is there for you. Want to do an actual paying audio drama? Kickstarter could be just the thing. What about music? CDbaby (yeah, there's $39 up front, but still) or Magnatune. Plus the eleventy-thousand things I forgot. It's such a game changer, it's hard to get my head around.
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It's not something I just do by myself, but a bunch of us freaks for audio drama put together some of our own over at -- I've done three things I never thought I'd do there so far: act where people can hear it, write fiction for the audio medium, and be an audio producer with the mixing and the mastering and the stuff. It's a huge pain and sometimes I want to slap myself for being committed to it. And then I finish something and off it goes into the wild and people listen and get joy out of it. And I'm pumped to do it all over again. The Internet is awesome and nobody better say any different.
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Dec 13, 2009