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Rick Garnett
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Thanks! Mark was kind enough to send some chapters. Best, Rick Sent from my iPhone
Dean Sargent has enjoyed great success at Villanova and will, I am sure, be missed. He has also been an inspiration to many of us, outside Villanova, who are engaged in the conversation about Catholic legal education. Best wishes to him.
I think the Thomas-Sears friendship says good things about both of them (e.g., they are warm and decent people, for whom friendship is not reducible to ideological overlap), and the surprise at the friendship in some quarters reflects sad things about those quarters. But, I'm skeptical of the influence-thesis, in either direction. After all, it's not as if Justice Thomas has not heard strong arguments, by people he respects, contrary to the positions he holds. And, I assume (I hope!) the same is true of Justice Sears.