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Great post on my favourite blog again- I will be helping someone to promote a specialized book for local government decision maker. It's very useful for them, answers their needs's free due to EU subsidies, so it might not be considered "serious". I am figuring out the strategy for the book to pass through decision makers secretaries and make them aware, so the publication can change their mindset on governing education. Only few thousand people to reach, so your blog becomes something like a brainstorm partner to me ;).
Good post, keep up your mission, David. But I still have no picture what's the company's special value (what it means for software to be central in computing application?). Although maybe it's because English is not my first language...You should make gobbledygook rewriting contests from time to time. Would be fun.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2011 on Make your writing easy to understand at Web Ink Now
I'd love to have QR codes on bus and tramstops near the line number, sending me to webpage showing vehicle's current position using built-in GPS for every bus or tram. Or maybe on book posters, sending me directly to 1-click buy for Amazon Kindle.
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Sep 15, 2011