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Ask him how he expects to be received in New York and sent off by Miami.
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Why is everyone hating on the trifecta? Does no one remember that this team was an un-organized disaster until they came along? Look at what we've done with them since going 1-15 just a few years ago. Obviously they have a plan and JT just didn't fit into it...and as far as all this crap about dissing him, get over yourself JT.
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What a goon. How do you turn down Washington's 8 million a year ago because you WANT to play in Miami and then go to New York? Because Miami "disrespected" you? How about when you "disrespected" us by making being on tv and pursuing your acting career a priority above the Dolphins? I'm sure Miami would have re-signed him after the draft even if they got another olb, you always want good, veteran leadership on your team. Good luck in New York bro, those fans will never respect you and if the FINS have anything to say about will NEVER win a ring with the Jets.
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Apr 20, 2010