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A few questions re: barebacking porn... Why are the producers doing it and why are the performers agreeing to do it? Is it because the audience prefers it and finds it "hotter", and therefore it sells better? Or is it because the performers prefer it and enjoy it? I'm inclined to say its the former, meaning its primarily a marketing ploy to draw in more money. Therein lies the ethical issue: is the health and safety of the performers being compromised so that more money can be made? This raises the question of whether the performers are being exploited through lack of informed consent. In this case, I think Ducati is fully aware of what he is doing and the risks involved, so I don't have a problem with it. The issue of whether the increase in BB porn from mainstream studios is contributing to an increase in unsafe sex practices among those who watch it is an entirely seperate issue.
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1) The vast majority of HIV+ performers are gay/bisexual men who contracted the virus in their personal lives. Despite much propaganda to the contrary, HIV is still very rare among the heterosexual, non-injection-drug-using population (hence the lack of condom use in straight porn). The barebacking performers on Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher are predominately 20-something heterosexuals in their private lives, thus there is little risk of them being HIV+. On the contrary, the performers in TIM/Raw Fuck/SX, who tend to be older, 30s-40s, are gay in their private lives. 2) The men on Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher look fresh, healthy, and in shape. The Treasure Island-type performers tend to look emaciated and sickly, rode hard and put up wet. There is a scuzzy, piggish quality in those videos, which is of course part of their allure. 3) One of the side effects of some antiviral medications for HIV is lipodystrophy, or fat redistribution, in the face. So many of the men in the Treasure Island-type vids have gaunt, hollow faces.
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I just watched Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" video on YouTube because after reading your post, I realized 1) how out of touch with top-10 pop music I am. I only recognized a couple of the songs you referenced. At the age of 32, I no longer know what the kids are listening to these days, and 2) I had never actually seen what Pitbull looks like. He did not look anything like I envisioned. He's old and balding, so good for him I guess. What's wrong with his mouth?
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I'm pretty sure the Island Studs videos are filmed here in Hawaii. I live in Waikiki and I've seen a couple of these guys around my neighborhood.
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I have to agree with Neal above. You need to take your head out of your ass and stop apologizing for talentless homophobes. It's pathetic. You try so hard to be hip ("Hey I'm a gay guy that listens to hip-hop!"). I don't see any Jews writing reviews of the newest neo-Nazi skinhead music. And besides, so much of this rap shit is crap. The lyrics have no poetic value at all. It's empty wordplay. But since you have no taste of your own, you think you have to talk about hip-hop to be cool.
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You have the hands of a light-skinned black woman.
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Sorry, but I have to say that after watching the full interview, your splicing together of certain phrases does not accurately represent Whitney in the interview. She comes across in the interview as a mature, calm, intelligent woman. You could have manipulated any interview out there and gotten the same effect.
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Ok so I've always KINDA had a crush on you, but you are so adorable in this clip with Ru I officially have a crush. I hope my boyfriend doesn't see this... :o
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