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You are all such embarrassments. Always so afraid. Why are you all so afraid? Is it because you know the unfairness and inequality of American life? You're afraid that "they" are going to kill you in your homes, your gated communities where you make so easy to locate you all? Fear is the only thing sustaining your sanity in a world that does not know you exist.
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Sarah Palin on Katie Couric's CBS exit: 'I read that in a newspaper' Which one, Sarah? Or, will you have to get back to me with that information at a later date?
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To all of the posters, You all make me proud to be an American. Lawrence O'Donnell you are fearless and I admire you beyond just this moment, but for many moments shared with you in the past. Thank you. You are a welcome breath of fresh air and long overdue. You quiet the noise we call "news".
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