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Fred - what a stroke of genius! One note, and you took everyone off the subject of recruiting. What's the matter - not enough talk of the FU recruiting class? Did you expect a lot in a blog on a Miami newspaper? Here's your bone: yes, your school recruited an impressive group. Apparently that is a widely held belief, too. Now, go to one of your own websites and enjoy it. While you are there, enjoy your Nattys with your fellow FU fans. Fraggle - thank you for putting us back on track. Miami had limited scholarships to offer. Shannon and his staff were late to the party. Our team isn't coming off the best season, on or off the field. The past two NFL drafts haven't been as Hurricane-heavy as in the past - and the upcoming draft doesn't look any better. Yet look at what Miami signed! I've seen the class ranked as high as 9, some others in the low teens. Regardless, that was an amazing job! More important to me than the ranking of the class, or the ratings of the players, or their measurements or statistics are some of the tidbits that indicate the right kinds of intangibles: * Gunn supposedly waiting by the fax for the signing period to open so he could be the first to send in his LOI; (not to mention he said the only reason his took his recent visit was to meet with the coaches for guidance on what to do/how to workout to give himself the best chance to start next season.); * Marve saying he's ready to go to battle for Shannon; * Farq. himself contacting the staff about his status when he wasn't listed as signing... These are the type of things that make me love this class. (There are more, but I've carried on long enough.) These players WANT to be CANES. They understand what "a Cane Thing" means, and they want part of it. Congratulations to Mr. Shannon and his staff. And thank you!
I, for one, was hoping for a little more inspired play last night. Good approach by Nevada to use Miami's defense against itself with all the shovel passes and over-the-middle screens. Kudos to the Cane D for minimizing the damage. What from last night gives me hope for next year? - A "gutsy" win - I don't expect we will roll over everyone next year, so a good experience for returning players... - The offensive line, while offensive, is young. If I remember correctly, four of the starters are back. Experience is HUGE on the O line. More experineced, better coached, an off-season of strength work. Expect a much, much better job next season. - We're allowed to throw the ball downfield? I bet the new OC knows this! Though we'll need to work on this - I think we got away with a couple that a good D wouldn't allow. (I think Nevada committed to stopping the run.) Time to watch for the coaches to be named...
I'm watching. The team's one more chance to play is my one more chance to see them play. One more chance to be amazed by the defense. One more chance to hope the offense can play inspired, get their act together and hang 40 on someone.
I'm getting old, and I'm tired, so my recollection may be off some, but... Doesn't Stoops have a clause in his contract that if he wins a National Championship he gets a bump in salary to make him the highest paid coach in NCAAF? And didn't his Natty from a few years ago push him over $2M. And lastly, I think he's owed a $3M bonus if he stays through 2008. If I am lucid, that is a lot to walk away from.
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I'd like to see Shannon get his shot, and hopefully he can nab an offensive coordinator that can get something out of the players already on the roster. Moore was a stud freshman, and has gotten less significant each year. Olson looked like a future All-American his first year and has disappeared. When Wright could stand up last year he threw the ball pretty well. If the new coaches can get players to progress instead of regress, Miami could be a competitive team while it re-stocks... I seem to recall, however, that the school did not want to hire Coker, that they don't like to promote from within - it was the players that convinced the school to give him a shot. I'd say "experiment failed", especially since I agree with other posters in the "eye on the u" column that the success in 01 and 02 was due to the leadership of some of the players. I also fear the school may just want to try to turn everything around with just the announcement alone and go for a name with cache. Can JJ still coach? (Not so successful with the Dolphins.) Schiano (I think) is just figuring out how to win - can he do it in Miami? I don't want Rogriquez turning the Canes into a running quarterback system. Spurrier - a Gator coaching the Canes? Can we still hold on to Shannon if we get Petrino? I've said enough. In short, I want Shannon, but I think it will be a name.
Here's another name in the hat for a new coach: Chris Peterson from Boise State. The school has a track record of head coaches successfully moving on to bigger schools (Houston Nutt, Dirk Koetter - check out Dan Hawkins in two years). He was the offensive coordinator under Hawkins, and the Broncos offense has always looked good. He's only around 40...
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Although I think Kyle Wright brings more tools to the team, I would like to see Freeman start the next two games. As much as KW has talked the part of a leader, and as much as he might try, he cannot rally the offense. Why can't Kirby have an extended tryout? I do think that even this season we can trust that the team can get by Virginia. As for BC - they haven't done a thing in Miami since the "Flutie Fluke". If Coker can get the team behind that, they have a good chance in that game as well. (I know - that is a very big IF considering he hasn't much of a track record in the motivation department.) Has anyone else noticed that offensively this team cannot make second-half adjustments? I wouldn't mind seeing Shannon get his shot at Head coach, but if the school wants that, why wouldn't the school have made that move weeks ago? Maybe not after the Pata tragedy - at least now they should keep the coaching staff stable for those poor kids who have enough to deal with now. Even if they go "outside" for a new coach, I hope Shannon stays, but UM needs its offensive punch back. Start dominating teams again and the recruits will come. I will support this team no matter what their record is, but is sure is a lot more fun when fans of other teams are jealous!
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