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Ricardo Flamingo
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You build a team thru the draft. KEEP THE PICKS!!!!!!!!
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Ireland passed on Aaron Hernandez in the draft. He was just sitting there waiting to be plucked. Ireland is an IDIOT!!!!!!
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Just what we need, another Culpepper. DRAFT a QB! When is this team ever going to learn from past mistakes?
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Too bad The Miami Herald doesn't have a good base of talent like they used too!
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Armando, Why are you defending this blathering IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Why don't you write how this FOOL cannot speak the English language??? I'm sick of hearing SparanoSpeak. Maybe the reason the team sucks is his total inability to communicate!! Mr Ross Wake UP!!!
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I wonder how many of those who voted very satisfied are among the Suck For Luck crowd. I cannot imagine that many are actually satisfied by the Fins performances. FIRE SPARANO AND IRELAND NOW!!!!!!!!
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Oct 24, 2011