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Richard Allbritton
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Yet another sentient being becomes enlightened. ~ richard allbritton, Miami
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Governor Rick Scott saying we don’t need Anthropology should surprise no one. I wouldn't be surprised if he said we don't need psychology, sociology, English (beyond grammar and spelling), literature, languages, or philosophy. These courses impart general knowledge, rational thought, and critical thinking. They form the core of what makes our society care about us as humans and helps us to elect quality politicians. Rick Scott a business and law school graduate interested in mergers and acquisitions. On the face of it, none of that is bad. Except that Scott seems to have missed the courses that taught ethics and how to build and maintain companies and societies that care about humankind and others. Learning from history was clearly missed. When I was in engineering school, as an undergraduate, one of my professors learned my minor was English. This professor was in business and a professional engineer; he taught as a way to give back to his community. He told me he regretted not taking more liberal arts courses when he was in college, because they add to the quality of life and it is especially important after you are successful in business. Fortunately, Scott does not reflect the values of most Floridians. In the closest governor’s race in Florida in 134 years against a charisma-challenged opponent, had he ran an honest campaign and not poured $85 million—including $73 million of his family’s money—into getting elected, he would not be governor. Unfortunately, we will have to endure Scott and Florida will not get anywhere near the number of jobs he promised. Already, he is backpedaling on his promise of job creation. This is indeed a very dark period for Florida. ~ richard allbritton, Miami,
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Oct 11, 2011